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Messi's World Cup only just begun

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Messi Said Scoring a Goal is Kind of Relief to Me It has been eight 8 years, Messi finally tasted again scoring a goal in the World Cup. This is not indifferent but extremely important for Argentina that is aiming to win and for Messi himself. "Being able to score a goal is a relief!" After the game there is no wonder that Messi issued such a sigh.How wonderful the breakthrough of 1V4 Buy Fifa 16 Coins.


Defenders of Bosnia  Herzegovina were tricked by a diminutive Argentine guy to lose themselves. After breaking away from the opponents, Messi shot from outside the area with left foot. After hitting the goal post the ball bounced into the net. After scoring the goal, Messi cheered with open arms."I'm excited to get this goal, it is very, very important to me, it makes sense." Massey said, "being able to score a goal is a relief!" "The second goal ensures a second harvest for Argentina, for me it is a special game. It is pretty good to end the match by winning the game." Messi said, "we made mistakes in the game, but this is normal.


This is our first game, so we have a sense of anxiety and tension, but what is important is that we begin our World Cup trip with winning our first game."The next opponents Argentina are to meet are Nigeria and Iran. Messi's World Cup only just begun.Click here to know more news about World Cup if you are interested in it.  Focus in the Match Germany Against Portugal Argentina 2 to 1 victory over bosnia herzegovina Fifa 16 Coins.