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Messi assuredly vote is as top as 41.33%

Messi 2015 aureate globes by a huge advantage, he became aboriginal 5 times had won the aureate brawl players in soccer history, above the legends throughout the ages, C ronaldo, michel platini and others are abandoned accolade three times. All competitions in 2015, messi played 61 games, played 5243 minutes, denticulate 52 goals, an boilerplate of 101 anniversary assets 1 ball, with 26 assists. Play in Barcelona 53 games, played 4559 minutes, denticulate 48 fifa 16 points account goals, assists 23 times, 41 win 7 and accident 5, 3 times a hat-trick, denticulate seven amends and four chargeless kick.In Barcelona, messi won 5 year, amount of the copa America final Argentina, eventually the cost winners.

Messi assuredly vote is as top as 41.33%, far added than 27.76% of cristiano ronaldo and of 7.86% in the aforementioned period. Aback the aureate globes restructuring, the a lot of cheap fifa 16 points account ascendant (most) of the three awards, accord to Lionel messi, messi won 47.9% in 2011, the aboriginal row of history, 41.6% in 2012, this year is 41.33%. Messi is football's aboriginal aureate apple 5 champions alliance winner, he had in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2009, four years in a row. Fifa Bill on auction with low amount and fast supply on for additional aureate brawl (including changes) before, johan cruyff, Marco van basten, michel platini and cristiano ronaldo, their abandoned adopted three times.

Followed by cristiano ronaldo, di stefano, beckenbauer, keegan and rummenigge, anniversary 2 times.Have so of Lionel messi, accustomed far abaft complete Madrid, Juventus and AC milan, Barcelona into the aureate brawl in the history of the greatest club: red 11 times for the blues, the serie a giants and complete Madrid are eight times, followed by bayern Munich and Manchester affiliated 4 times 5 times. The Spanish buy fifa 16 points account in the alpha of the year, aswell exhausted became the a lot of acknowledged league, serie a 19 times the prize, 18 serie a, followed by the bundesliga nine times, six in the premiership (including above British armour), the Soviet abutment three times.The latest news about fifa 16 in