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Meet the winners of the Be There With Hyundai

Submitted by playerhot on Tue, 09/12/2017 - 19:41

Meet the winners of the Be There With Hyundai
After over one hundred sixty,000 proposals slogans ninety six candidates within the final list and over 1,000,000 votes , we tend to square measure happy to gift the thirty two winners of the Be There With Hyundai competition for the fifa 18 ps3 coins tourney 2014 ? in step with the votes that issued community .

Check the winning slogans

The thirty two winners can receive a framed photograph of the coach choice with its locution , and luxuriate in the pride of knowing that their words adorn the official bus of a range within the tourney 2014. From the beginning to the ultimate stop , they're going to gift in Brazil with Be There with fifa 18 ps4 coins Hyundai.

Travel the planet for one lucky winner
The thirty two winners entered within the grand prize drawing . wonderful trip for 2 to the planet Cup 2014 and was Alvaro75 , United Nations agency projected the winning locution of the Uruguayan national team , the winner of the trip for him and a guest of his Rumbi option to American state Janeiro de Janeiro to examine a knockout match within the legendary Maracana construction .

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