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Mating Disruption & Other Key Pest Control Solutions To Consider

Pest control has come a long way over the years. Technology has played an integral part in the advancement of pest control too. From new products on the market to green, eco-friendly solutions for getting rid of pests, you can find just about any solution to meet your needs and budget. But when it comes to getting rid of pests, they really aren't one size but also fit the solution. You wouldn't want to get rid of birds the same way you would ants, would you? We don't think so. Each of these requires a different focus, strategy, or even pesticide. When you choose a professional for pest control solutions in Salt Lake City, you'll receive the best fit possible to solve the infestation you're dealing with. But, we do recommend that you contact a commercial pest controller before a problem exists. Working with a commercial pest controller can prevent many of the problems businesses face day after day simply because they don't have a professional on hand.
Did you know that there are numerous types of strategies for dealing with birds, rodents, insects, bugs, etc.? There is! Let's take a look at some of the things your pest controller may implement.
Mating Disruption
One of the most exciting advancements in professional pest control has been mating disruption. Just as it sounds, mating disruption will get in the way of male and female insects from mating. How is this done? By use of synthetic pheromones. Having a decoy with stronger pheromones on-site, away from your products, will lure males away from females. A clever way to stop reproduction from happening, especially with moths.
Preventative Sprays
Preventative sprays are perhaps the go-to for any commercial pest control company. Not to worry, though, if you are worried about chemicals. There are tons of eco-friendly options out there that provide a green solution to pest control. Some of the problems that exist with eco-friendly options are that over time their effects can lessen. This could cause you to change to a different option.
Rodent Abatement
Rodent abatement was typically used when demolishing a building and before a rebuild. Rodent abatement is critical to protecting your space against rodents and their diseases. Rodents can quickly multiply if left to their own devices.
Bird Control 
Birds are a problem across the world. Pigeons, one of the most annoying and frustrating bird types to deal with, can create a huge problem with bird droppings. Pest controllers can guard against this by using decoys, traps, and more.