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A man made a life size sex doll like his dead wife

A man made a life size sex doll like his dead wife
sex dolls not only solve their own sex needs, but more importantly, sex dolls are spiritual partners, friends, and family members.
We should redefine the sex doll. It is no longer a mere adult toy, but a spiritual partner of our choice.
During this period of time, I saw such an incident. A man in India was obsessed with his wife who died in a car accident. With the help of a sex doll manufacturer, it took 11 months to create a silicone doll with the same look and makeup as his wife. The hair of the doll is also The hair left behind by his wife was implanted.

Although most sex doll owners use sex dolls as toys for their own entertainment purposes, some people regard these dolls as actual companions.
We should redefine the male sex doll
An extreme example is Davecat from Michigan. Not only did he marry a dear sex doll, he affectionately named Sidore. Sidor is made by Abyss Creations and sells for about US$6,000. They have a pair of wedding rings and are preparing to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.
Before his wife was alive, he always remembered his wife's dream, living in a single-family mansion and sharing family happiness with the children. He worked hard until that day arrived, but his wife left him. Now, the mini sex doll helped him realize this untimely dream. He and the children quickly established contact with the silicone doll. Although she could no longer speak, the family was reunited in an alternative way. From then on, she froze at this moment, and they slowly accompanied her to grow old.
anime sex doll have become more and more like real people
sex dolls can become very real. From the movement and maneuverability of the limbs to the details on the eyebrows, careful factory work can make the sex doll look almost like a real person. But did you know that even their weight can become very real? The weight of the sex doll is very heavy, ranging from 15 kg to 45 kg.
This is a sad thing, but the same thing is worth celebrating. Life is a long way. We don’t know how long each other can stay with us. When they are still by our side, we should love it; when we lose each other, sex dolls may help us to have each other again. It sounds like It seems to be a good way.
Yes, sex dolls cannot speak, but they are the embodiment of our emotions and the sustenance of our love. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, sex dolls have become more and more like real people, becoming more and more intelligent, and some can even talk to you and chat with you now, as if they have become your partner!