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Lilith's Return to Diablo 4 Has Huge Implications

Submitted by Devon456 on Mon, 06/26/2023 - 17:27

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Lilith's Return to Diablo 4 Has Huge Implications
Lilith occupies an important space in the lore of Diablo at large. Within the game's mythos Lilith had joined with the angel Inarius in order to escape the Eternal Conflict Diablo 4 Boosting . The battle between Heaven and Hell had raged for millennia, and some on either side of the war had grown weary. Lilith had her own agenda in this, she planned to inevitably use this alliance in a final bid to destroy Heaven itself. Ultimately Lilith and Inarius ended up stealing the Worldstone, a powerful magical artifact, and using it to create Sanctuary itself. This is just one part of the impact Lilith could have on Diablo 4, as the literal creator of the game's world.

Inarius and Lilith eventually ended up creating the first of the Nephalem. A hybrid of demon and angel that would eventually become mankind after centuries. This is important because during the events of Diablo 3 it is revealed that the player characters are a new incarnation of the ancient Nephalem. This is used as a way to explain the player characters unique abilities and the magical prowess of Diablo's spellcasters like the Wizard. There is some debate among fans online whether or not all of humanity are Nephalem and that only a select few can tap into that power or if Nephalem are something more rare.

This becomes important in the context of whether or not players will face off against angelic foes alongside the demonic ones in Diablo 4. After inevitably learning about the existence of the Nephalem, some in Heaven and Hell saw them as abominations that need to be destroyed. Despite her machinations towards her own goals Diablo IV Boosting , Lilith had grown protective of her children and fought against their destruction. If Lilith is still protective of the Nephalem, but working against them for her own endgame that could set up some darker storyline elements more in line with Diablo 2's tone.