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Lifestyle changes you should adopt before you hit 30

Submitted by blueandred on Thu, 08/06/2015 - 21:39

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Most health problems, especially lifestyle-related ones, start surfacing after you turn 30.

And ironically, that is the time women tend to ignore their health — most of them are busy juggling careers and family responsibilities in their thirties and forties. So, here are certain lifestyle changes you must adopt before blowing 30 candles on the cake....

Regular heath checkups

Prevention is always better than cure, so make sure you get yourself checked every six months. This will help you diagnose problems, if any, early.

Stop popping pills

From painkillers to Paracetamol, we often pop pills at the drop of a hat. This will make our body immune to most medication, thus posing a big risk in case of a serious illness.

Indulge in 'me' time

This is a must for your mind. Indulge in quality 'me' time at least thrice a week. Do anything you enjoy. Once in a fortnight, pamper yourself at a spa, or if your budget doesn't allow that, get an oil massage done at home. You will feel rejuvenated.

Avoid junk

We are not asking you to follow a strict diet or keep watching your weight, just make sure that you avoid junk. Of course, there are treat days and cheat days, but stick to healthy food habits as much as possible. For example, substitute red meat with chicken or fish, coffee or tea with green tea, etc.

Get a cervical cancer vaccine

Studies suggest that sexually active women above 30 face an increased risk of cervical cancer. So, along with tests like pap smear, get a preventive shot. It is available at some of the major hospitals in the city.

Get heart healthy

Obesity, high cholesterol and hypertension are some of the major causes of cardiac illness. Keep your heart healthy by limiting the intake of fats. Exercise regularly and most importantly, stay happy. Meditation and breathing exercises are also good, as they improve blood circulation.

Reduce smoking and drinking

If you are a smoker, try to get rid of the habit slowly. And if that is not possible, at least reduce the number of cigarettes. Limit your drinking habit to just once a week, that too if you are forced to at a social gathering or so. Do not indulge in hard liquor, opt for some wine instead.

Get enough sleep

Sleep for at least six to eight hours daily; it's a must for overall health. Don't compromise on your sleep unless in case of an emergency. Sound sleep keeps you fresh and energetic throughout the day.

Avoid chemicals in any form

Wash fruits, vegetables and grains thoroughly before consuming them. Most of these contain harmful chemicals — from pesticides —that affect your long-term health. Similarly, avoid strong chemical treatments on hair and skin, like colouring. Opt for organic food stuffs. In fact, try to use make-up without harmful chemicals like lead, nickel and sulphur.

Moderate physical activity

Indulge in some physical activity for at least 30 minutes daily, since exercise is the best way to stay healthy. It need not necessarily be rigorous workouts at the gym. Even something as simple as walking or dancing (choose the exercise you like) will do. Simple measures like taking the stairs instead of the elevator also helps.

Drink lots of water

Drinking seven litres of water a day is healthy. Make sure you keep drinking water throughout the day; it helps to reduce weight as well. Beginning your day with a glass of warm water mixed with lime and honey, cleans your system. Also, a glass of water before your meals improves digestion and stops you from overeating.Read more at:cheap prom dresses