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Lehmann: European clubs would be happy to receive payments from the Premier League

Submitted by arantxa on Fri, 09/25/2015 - 00:42

Jens - free Lehmann joined Arsenal in 2003, when Arsenal led the Premier League also orthodox. After that, with the wealthy and huge inflow of TV rights fee, the Premier League club's capital strength is rising.
    In the transfer market this summer cheap FIFA 16 coins, Premier League clubs consumption £ 8.5925 million, net investment close to 500 million pounds. Manchester City signed him 5400 pounds and 2200 pounds Chelsea to sign Pedro, which makes overseas clubs from the Premier League that has been very substantial amount of revenue.

    Lehmann did not agree with such a phenomenon, he believes other European clubs will be very happy to receive payments from the Premier League.
    He said: "The Premier League club buying price is too high, the benefits this will give other leagues as a rookie spent 15 million pounds, or 3000 pounds to play other leagues will be very happy to get this number of them.? know the price a little bit outrageous. This is totally silly behavior, you can not say that the Premier League club in the transfer market, very sensible. "
    And in the transfer market continues to break records does not help to achieve good results in the Premier League war in Europe, Lehmann attributed this lack of Premier League clubs in the highest level of competition experience.
    He explained:. "Most English clubs, their managers experience a lack of competition in the high-level event of their performance in continental competition is too disappointing, not a Premier League team last season into the Champions League quarter-finals, Shortly after I think they need to do something to improve this phenomenon. "