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Keeping your tile flooring clean: A quick guideline

Do you have tile flooring at home? Are you curious about how you’ll clean and maintain your
Wood Look Porcelain Tile?

Well, We have some great news for you!

Porcelain tiles are maintenance-free products. You don’t need to do anything to maintain your tiles. They are made to last just the way they are. Even better, they are very easy to clean.
How to Clean Your Tiles
Cleaning porcelain tile is neither costly nor time consuming; in fact, you probably already have all the cleaning products at home. A vacuum cleaner, broom, water and anti-bacterial cleaning product are all you need to keep things spotless.

  1. Start with routine sweeping or vacuuming. Depending on your household or workschedule, this could be every day to once a 
  2. Time to get mopping! This reduces dust and debris as well as clearing away any spills or spots. Whereas you only need water to mop your floor tiles, adding some cleaning product to kill surface-dwelling germs is a good
  3. Forstuck-on food or mud, pour lukewarm water over the sticky spot to loosen  Depending on the hardness of the dirt, you may want to give it a little scrub.
  4. If you have White Floor Tiles try adding a soap-free cleaner. And on tough spots, use a magic

Porcelain tiles are durable, long lasting, hygienic and a maintenance-free flooring solution that will serve you and your family for many years to come

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