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What is the ideal fish nutrition for both your pets and your tropical saltwater fish? On this, everyone has a different opinion. However, some people choose their fish food purely based on what the pet retailer tells them. That really limits both you and the fish you can catch. If you want to grow into a big, sturdy, creative, and unexpectedly content fish, you should ignore everything the fish guy advises and raise the bar.
You must first determine the rationale behind your fish, the reasoning for why you purchased them or obtained them in another manner, and only then can you choose the proper food for them. Do you require common, little fish to swim in the tank on a daily basis? Do you require prize fish, fish that appear a little bigger and are a little happier, on the other hand? Do you think your fish should eat more like they do in the wild, running after their own food and practicing the skills that come with hunting instead of racing to the highest part of the tank to acquire their old, dry fish meal?
If you require more frequent attention, live food is what you would choose. The food that was previously alive would then be frozen as the next stage, and to finish, there is the dry food or piece food that arrives in those cylindrical chambers.
Do your fish prefer the bottom or the top? Food that will either float or fall to the bottom will be appreciated by bottom dwellers. Obtain some live Tubifex worms. These may be found in the refrigerator at the pet store employee. They resemble a brown, pinkish, unorganised bunch of tiny thread worms. They smell awful, but the fish adore them when I collect them. If you accidentally drop a little ball into the tank, your fish will quickly rush over to get it.
Try them live saline solution prawns as their meal if you have saltwater fish or other unusual fish. Of course, dry or chip food can also be added to fish feasts to enrich them.
Your fish will do similarly well whether you purchase high-end or inexpensive food. So how do I at least have a vague notion of this? Once as I was caring for some fish, I ran out of fish food. So I gave the fish some food by crushing a few Cheerios between my fingers. They loved it and thrived on it, so I never went back to using regular fish food.
These fish grew in size from little fish being raised. My Cheerios were thus successful. Try nothing I suggest because it was my personal insight and I can't guarantee it will work for you or your particular species of fish. If you wanted to investigate alternative options in this area, you may start by adding Cheerios to regular fish food. That is only thinking; it offers no advice or direction. I wish you luck!
If you have a fish that has a good possibility of becoming larger and you need a large fish, you may start feeding it tubifex and move up to real worms as it grows bigger. By caring for and nurturing this fish properly, you may grow one astronautis oscellatus, which you purchased when he was approximately half an inch long, into a fish that is about two feet long. Incredible progress for an incredible fish. We had one of these and fed colossal, colossal night crawlers to him. We bought our first fish for less than two dollars, and it turned out to be a real beast.
Remember that sometimes you will spend almost nothing for the actual fish when you buy one. The real expense associated with keeping fish as a hobby is related to housing, feeding, filtering water, and adorning the fish and tank. I hope this information was helpful. Browse through my many articles on fish food, fish care, growing guppies, and more clear articles about clear fascinating fish-related side hobbies that will be distributed shortly. The creator has previously raised fish and has had experience caring for and paying close attention to a variety of critters over the course of her life. Any and all questions, concerns, and remarks are highly beneficial.
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