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It's been a solid run for Diablo 4 after overcoming

Submitted by Devon456 on Wed, 05/31/2023 - 17:34

The issues have kicked off multiple forum posts from users who are all reporting the same experience after having downloaded the update. The amount of community outcry over these issues has even caught the attention of Digital Foundry, a group that extensively tests various software and hardware, to see if any of the issues could be isolated Diablo IV Gold. The results of their tests can be seen in the video above, though the group is perplexed as to why they are occurring.

Kauza, Community Manager on Diablo 3, has replied to one of the many forum posts with news that may be a little unsettling for players. Essentially, Kauza is reporting that Blizzard developers are currently unable to reproduce the issues facing players and they're currently seeking more information to help facilitate testing. Additional data points include the type of class being used, whether playing solo or in a group, and even how much free space is available on the console.

It's been a solid run for Diablo 3 after overcoming its rough launch back in 2012 on the PC. Since then, the game has enjoyed enormous success, including a very well received expansion called Reaper of Souls and Blizzard launching the game on both last-gen and current-gen systems. This is the first time in a while that users have reported issues with the game, and it appears to be a large enough problem that we're hopeful Blizzard can resolve them quickly.

Have you downloaded the update on console? If so, are you seeing similar issues to those detailed above? Feel free to sound off below in the comments.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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