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It wasn't long ago when there were Mini carbon ice hockey stick

Submitted by jaywillen on Wed, 09/21/2016 - 22:28

It wasn't long ago when there were Mini carbon ice hockey stick only a handful (or less) of manufacturers that made high quality ice hockey sticks. Nowadays there are literally dozens of manufacturers, all of whom produce high quality sticks. Be careful though because many of the manufacturers of ice hockey sticks also make low quality sticks as well. Here are a few tips to help you decide which brand to choose.

Every brand of ice hockey sticks is different than the others. Sometimes these differences are drastic and sometimes the differences are barely noticeable. One of the differences you will encounter from brand to brand is the thickness of the shaft. Shaft thickness is one of potentially drastic differences because the thickness of a shaft will affect your ability to stick handle, pass, and shoot, three of the most important skills required for hockey. Swap sticks with a buddy sometime (avoid slap shots and snap shots when using somebody else's stick) or with anybody who will agree and test out a wide variety of brands so you can best determine which shaft thickness best fits your style of play.

Another difference that can be road bike rims drastic that you will find is the lie of the blade. The lie refers to the angle created between the shaft and the blade when the blade is placed flat on the ground. Different lies can feel very uncomfortable to different people; particularly to those who are taller and those who are shorter. The lie on your ice hockey stick will also affect your ability to stick handle, pass, and shoot so it is important to try out several different brands of sticks so you can determine which lie feels the best to you.

If you learn on a particular ice hockey stick it would probably be best for you to stick with that brand. That way as you improve you can upgrade to newer, higher quality sticks and not have to get used to the feel of a new ice hockey stick which can take some time. If you do want to branch out and try out some other options don't purchase until you've tried them out and gotten good a feel for one you like.