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It is really an advantage to Dark and Darker

Submitted by Devon456 on Wed, 03/22/2023 - 18:06

I'm hoping you'll be able to support this thread by exploring it and its concepts more in depth by refining them, and then expanding on them to keep it prominently on the forefront of discussions so that developers are able to see the idea and hopefully act on it prior to the next play test Dark And Darker Gold.

It is really an advantage to Dark and Darker

"Current issues: Combat is all about movement or lets call it positioning as well as what gear you own and what the health bar on your device looks like. Other tools can contribute up until you enter melee."

This isn't a problem as this is the main part of the game's design. the game.

The game is about the tactics involved in fighting but the actual performance of the fight is not meant to be a significant aspect.

You're awarded for putting yourself in a good position prior to the start of the fight, not for doing some tip on crouch-spin-tilt that you found on YouTube.

I love these types of games too. without snark, but this isn't that kind of game.

The idea of bringing that type of action-related skill ceiling down is precisely why the developers have effectively eliminated Wizard with their pretty over-the-top reductions (and Ranger is next).

You have seriously misunderstood the general idea here.

It's like going to C::GO asking about why there's no Medic as well as Spy Class Dark And Darker Gold for sale.