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It can be worn to work or leisure

Submitted by blueandred on Tue, 07/20/2021 - 01:45

Recently the weather is hot, many girls go out to wear is a problem, wearing too cool, not only easy to sunburn, safety index will be greatly reduced, wear more stuffy and hot.
It is a hot summer season, don't want to go out every day T-shirt and shorts, how can we wear?
If you're still struggling with what to wear, check out these 24 lightweight outfits for inspiration to keep your day and commute in style for the summer.
In the hot summer, harmonious color matching can help us relieve the boredom and fatigue caused by high temperature, and can also enhance our taste in clothes.
Especially suitable for wearing light color in summer, light fragrant taro purple, gentle cherry blossom powder, energetic yellow are very suitable for creating a light mature wind, can make the simple solid color T-shirt is no longer monotonous, and also brighten the effect of skin color, bottom selection of basic color matching is absolutely not wrong.
Leisure T-shirt, want to wear a sense of elegance, we can choose to have a sense of hanging fabric, such as this year's particularly popular silk, acetic acid will bring elegant and noble breath, suitable for light mature girls, version of some loose, more fashionable and more modified figure.
Lower outfit can tie-in the gauze skirt of the United States of Xian Xian, just can counteract the casual feeling of T - shirt, and when the gentle gauze skirt and T - shirt are tie-in combination, it also won't look too sweet.
If you are in an indoor office, the air conditioning is usually very open, and it will be cold to wear a single short-sleeved skirt. At this time, you can prepare a light and thin cardigan for yourself, fold it and wear it outside the T-shirt and halter, or put it directly on your shoulder, stylish and elegant.
Or wear a shirt when a coat directly, build a flowing long skirt intellectually elegant feminine flavor is very.
To create a light and mature wind, of course, a sexy slits half skirt can be worn for leisure and work. A knife is cut under the slender straight tube half skirt, revealing the faint leg lines, visually high and thin, and more convenient when walking.
The length of the skirt also affects the overall style. The length of the skirt to the ankle has a lazy artistic tone. The blouse is matched with a sweater, which is very feminine and can be directly worn to work.
Make light mature wind not necessarily the whole body is very feminine wind sheet is tasted, clean pure color T shirt, loose shirt tie-in neat skirt outfit, roll up sleeves, unlock a few buttons, appropriate dew skin promotes relaxed feeling, elegant and fashionable also very reduce age.
In addition, it is the accessories, the more simple dress, the accessories can not be saved, low-key girls can start from earrings, necklaces these small objects.
Printed elements will be popular every year, and the most worthy purchase is the printed half skirt. The color of the blouse can be matched according to the color of the printed pattern, so that the whole will be very harmonious and have the feeling of suit.
For the first time to try printed single products, it is recommended to choose a light color base, fresh and easy to match, but also not easy to wear tacky.
Like to wear T-shirt knickers in summer, but do not want to look too casual again, comfortable and modern want, can consider changing ordinary T-shirt into the jacket of small design feeling, for example V collar + the French shirt of bubble sleeve, minimalistic black and white match color, nifty and lovely in do not break calm.
Condole belt, knets fold wear a loose shirt, also be this year a lot of fashion bloggers like to wear build means, the shirt can have the effect that bask in, tie-in a pair of loafers, leisure go to work is ok.
The summer is afraid of heat also be afraid to bask in, chose right fabric, trousers also can wear cool and refreshing and comfortable, some of the lazy pants of recreational style, tie-in a nifty shirt or the knit of intellectual, style but elegant but nifty.
If you choose sweatpants, you want to create an atmosphere of light and ripe wind. You can choose soft and delicate fabric for the jacket to increase the sense of softness. In addition, you can use ear ornaments and necklaces.Read more at:short formal dresses | formal dresses sydney