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Is it because it's so difficult shooting in NBA 2K23?

Submitted by anqilan456 on Sun, 01/01/2023 - 21:29

Is it because it's so difficult shooting in NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23 came with a many more features than the roster date. The newest installment to the most played basketball game included a variety of bizarre cosmetics, items such as an hover bike NBA 2K23 MT.Cosmetic things apart, 2K23 also hauled over tons of new animations and improved shooting and dribbling in a drastic way. In light of the many major adjustments to gameplay so, it's no wonder that players are struggling to adapt to the new rules. Here are some reasons shooting has become so much harder this year.

One of the major issues with shooting is that there isn't a shot meter. If you want to get one, just visit settings and click features, then controller settings and then choose the shot meter type.Another source of frustration for fans is the fact that they've changed the green meter.

The players won't be able to tell if their shot was properly released until they hit the basket, which is a vast difference from previous games. It will take some time to get used to, but we recommend spending time playing MyCareer so you are familiar with NBA 2K's new shooting system.NBA 2K23 also has connectivity to the MyNBA2K23 mobile companion app accessible for download via Google Play Store for Android phones as well as the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Utilizing the app, you can use the app to redeem Locker Room codes and use for the Scan Your Face feature for your MyPLAYER customized character in use in the MyCAREER mode. Some players have reported that they are having issues logging in to the app, and therefore cannot access the highly-anticipated face scan feature NBA 2K23 MT Coins. This is 2K Games' official statement on the solution to the "failed to log into 2K Sports" error message for the NBA 2K23 companion app.