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Intellectual and temperament! Older bloggers wear these kinds of coat

Submitted by blueandred on Mon, 11/01/2021 - 01:51

As the weather gets cooler, you can wear a stylish and textured coat to have a graceful figure and complete warmth. Coat as the autumn and winter season necessary single product, aura and temperament, especially suitable for middle-aged women to show elegant temperament and advanced taste.
Tall and straight body posture, beautiful curve, the long coat that needs to highlight temperament will show fashionable and temperamental feminine taste, want to wear a good taste, the choice that builds inside cannot be careless.
The choice of the inside is actually a test of a person's taste, the inside did not wear right, and then the United States coat will be greatly discounted. The choice that takes inside is not oneness, need will undertake combination according to temperature, figure and temperament.
Coat + sweater warm and stylish
The combination of warm and stylish sweater and coat can always achieve the effect that 1+1 is greater than 2. While doubling the warmth, it can also easily deduce the beauty of gentle, elegant and fashionable.
A turtleneck not only keeps the wind out, but also elongates the neck, making you look more elegant and smart. In the choice of color, need to match the color of the coat so as not to appear out of place. For a look that highlights your look, pair it with a sweater in a bright color that catches the eye and is modern.
Take this look for example, the medium length coat in light camel color has a simple design and smooth lines, which is perfect for creating a natural and elegant image. Paired with a gray straight pants on the lower body, it looks comfortable and atmospheric. Take the choice is red turtleneck sweater inside, dissolve drab atmosphere easily, while adding hotspot, can show good color again.
The color with high saturation is having certain limitation to the color of skin, a lot of people dare not try bright-coloured color, because the color is more bright-coloured, it is easier to show the dim color of skin, only fair-skinned women dare to freely choose any bright color.
Beige will be very intimate, very friendly to any skin color, gentle and bright color, make skin color look healthier at the same time, will also show the lightness of the model, the lower body with a white pants, the top into the pants, can also create a superior figure proportion.
Black coat classic versatile, no matter what kind of color and its collocation will not bring a sense of violation, therefore, black coat is absolutely the most not easy to wear wrong single product, this is also one of the reasons why black does not pick age and gender.
A black coat paired with a camel turtleneck sweater is stylish and quiet, elegant and appealing. When the color is in harmony, do not ignore the details of the collocation. The version of this coat is not very loose, and do not choose too heavy inside, and leave a certain space between the coat will show the slim figure.
Coat + dress romantic and feminine
Women who like to wear skirts never care about the change of season, there is no such word as inappropriate in them, they will come up with all kinds of reasons to wear skirts, and find the best way. The union of dress and coat, show temperament not only, also can have feminine taste more.
Knit dress + coat: knit dress with long coat is not only warm, but also convenient to show a good figure, the choice of knit dress can choose slim or loose style according to the condition of the figure.
The style of self-cultivation is more suitable for the woman with beautiful figure lines. The weave of knitting is supported by the body and has a more beautification effect, which makes the figure lines more obvious and the S shape figure curve more shows the sex appeal of women. The coat is open to wear and the goddess is easily worn.
Printed skirt collocation coat: the collocation of coat and broken flower skirt is delicate and romantic, the combination of a complicated and simple will not appear dull, walking in the autumn street, but also a beautiful scenery, breeze blowing, flying skirt swing and powerful aura of the coat to create a woman's charming charm, head soaring.
Coat + hoodie reducing age and fashion
Hoodie as leisure and reduce the age of the single product, more and more people like. Coat and those who guard coat mix build more fashionable feeling to fold, although the two sheet of different style is tasted, combination is together, abnormal harmony however, have a bit neuter wind add, more show handsome and fashionable elegant demeanour.
Hooded hoodie and coat collocation: hoodie with hoodie style, with more vitality, and coat matching, the hat exposed outside the collar, not only show rich layers, but also because of the hat ornament, add a bit of free and easy feeling.
For instance the coat of blue of this fog haze is gentle and relaxed, suit the woman of temperamental quietly elegant especially, and the version of O form also can have enough to contain to figure. With a light gray hoodie, soft tone, rich layers, full of fashion sense and vitality.
The round collar hoodie is the most common style, and it is convenient and natural to wear in combination with the coat, especially the conventional black and white gray, simply wear a sense of fashion. If you want to wear more bright spots, you can choose the style with bright colors. The contrast between inside and outside is enlarged, so that the whole has a sense of existence and the eyeball effect is more sufficient.Read more at: formal dresses in adelaide | cheap formal dresses melbourne