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India’s Current Standing in the In-Home Health Care Business

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Submitted by AKInfo on Sun, 09/19/2021 - 23:11

As per recent statistics, the in
home health care in India reached the market value of USD 5.2 billion in the
year 2019. If improved at such a pace, it is estimated to reach the compound
annual growth of 19.2% within 2020 to 2027.

The primary reason for this
whopping growth is the need for that better postoperative care. Some are even
looking forward to this service because of the growing needs in the primary
care business. With great advancements in the field of technology, now
procuring in-home care is not that difficult of a task.

Other factors fuelling up the
need of in home health care:

The disposable income and the
geriatric population are some of the factors, which are fuelling up the
in-house care system. Whether you are looking for personal, supportive care, or
even proficient nursing care at home, various centres are now providing
top-notch services to match the flexible needs of customers.

• As per the track record from
WHO, lifestyle and chronic diseases are subject to increase the current expenditure
of the healthcare system in India. This growth is here to stay and will
continue for a minimum of 25 years.

• Due to this growth of chronic
diseases, people are aiming towards the best nursing help at home. This
business is likely to take a turn towards expansion in no time.

• Even the top-notch service
companies are expanding their offerings associated with in home health care for
maintaining and increasing market share.

• They are presenting most of the
geriatric care services such as postoperative care, physiotherapy, primary
care, and palliative care.

Personalized care from in home
health care:

Now, you can personalize the in home health care routine as per the
need of patients. For the regulars, it will represent one low-costing and
convenient solution. The main goal of such in-house care is to avoid the added
HAI risk.

• As the infection rate is
booming in hospitals and other medical centres, people are opting for in-house
care more often. You can now see multiple models of home healthcare, as visible
across various developed markets, where the segment is not likely to stop as

• In some recent statistics, it
has been found out that India will see growth in the in home health care
community within the next 5 years. At present, it is just over 1% of the
present home healthcare spending.

• The organized channels, on the
other hand, are expected to grow at around 40% of the CAGR rate by 2025. During
that time, it will occupy somewhat around 2.5% of the entire home care market.

In home health care reduces
unnecessary hospital visits:

It is true to state that in home
health care will reduce unwanted hospital visits by around 65%. This change, in
turn, will reduce the entire operational cost of the hospitals by around 20%.
Patients, who are associated with in-home care, are known to have a faster
recovery cycle.

So, next time you have people in
need of extensive care, make sure to appoint the best team of in-house health
workers for the same!

Conclusion:India is on the economic growth through the
field of in home health care. This growth is here to stay till 2025 if not
more, with billion dollars of investment. Health Heal offers 24 hour in home nursing
, nanny care, home care after hospitalisation,
personal care services of Senior Elderly Patients in Bangalore Chennai
Hyderabad Pune Hubli.