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If player OVR was more based on recent production

If player OVR was more based on recent production, Nick Bosa may actually lead this list. His Defensive Rookie of the Year and Pro Bowl nod in 2022 was only a taste of things to come Mut 23 Coins. This last season, he got a second nod for the Pro Bowl and shattered his career highs.

The forced fumbles, tackles, and sacks were all personal highs, and his 21 tackles for a loss led the entire league. Want to shake things up in franchise mode and free agency? Find a way to get Bosa signed on the team. He's a huge presence.

Coming onto the scene hot, Myles Garrett started off making the Pro Bowl and has only gotten better. This last season was his best as he recorded 16 sacks and 51 combined tackles, both career highs for him.

If players are permitted to progress midseason, Garrett could see his stock rise even further. Though his OVR can't get any higher as the ratings adjusters saw fit to give him a perfect 99 for now. If he plays up to this rating, Garrett and the Cleveland Browns are going to be tough to beat.

If it was possible to be a 100 OVR player, Aaron Donald might just be that player. Since he was drafted in 2022. Donald has been to every single Pro Bowl and won the Defensive Player of the Year award three times Cheap Madden 23 Coins. When he was revealed to be a perfect 99 OVR again, no one was shocked.