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If the German team has a very good player

Submitted by sellfifa on Sat, 10/31/2015 - 18:48

Kaka support C Lo to win FIFA 15 Golden Globes Currently, Kaka went to the United States is about to play football FIFA 15, and in the future when it comes to the possibility of the return of Sao Paulo, the Brazilian star replied, "It depends largely on my physical condition, but you can be sure that theFIFA 15door is always open for me, and if one day I return to Brazil, Sao Paulo, then certainly preferred Fifa 16 Coins. "


Kaka also expressed his views on the topic of theFIFA 15 Golden Globes, he said, "Messi and C Luo levels are higher than the average player, C Lo is very comprehensive, he is a model of contemporary players, from the physical point of view, C Luo is a beast, and his both foot capacity is very balanced, but also through the header, free kick to score. Messi is a genius, he was gifted. ""You can get a FIFA 15Golden Globe for the team depends on what two people are wealthy effect.


If the German team has a very good player, he will be named the world's best, but C Lo more likely to win this year's FIFA 15Golden Globes, because he represented Real Madrid won the Champions League. "You must need cheapfifa coinsfrom site in order to play FIFA game more fun.  The Turin finish Italy swept in the Europe league Manchester city beat Roman reaching the Fifa final 8 Buy Fifa 16 Coins.