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IBPS Clerk Salary 2023 - Perks, Allowances, Job Profile & Career Growth

"For candidates aspiring to start their careers as IBPS clerks, the IBPS clerk salary is one of the most motivating things, apart from other allowances and perks. An IBPS clerk starting basic pay is Rs 19,900. The IBPS Clerk Salary In-Hand is Rs 29,453.67 with the different allowances and deductions. The salary may differ because of the place of posting and different government regulations. Aspiring candidates must understand the IBPS clerk salary in detail. This would motivate them to prepare well for the exam. There are different perks, allowances, and IBPS clerk salaries in hand for the selected candidates.

This article will discuss the salary of IBPS clerks in detail with the breakup structure. It will also discuss the allowances, the job profile, and the career prospects of getting recruited as an IBPS clerk.."