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How is Swaraj Tractor Beneficial And Profitable for Farmers

Swaraj is a leading and popular tractor brand as it produces innovative tractors and farm equipment. The tractor brand is the second-highest tractor brand that won the Deming prize award and is a 4000 crore empire. Swaraj tractor is powerful and robust, which provides work excellency in the farm, construction and industrial fields.

Swaraj Tractors - Specifications and Prices

Swaraj offers a broad range of 20+ models, and hp range starts from 15 - 75 hp, available in 2wd and 4wd variants. These models are available in 1/2/3/4-cylinder and mechanical/power steering options and are available at prices starting from Rs Rs. 2.60 Lakh onwards.

Swaraj Tractor - Innovative Features

Swaraj tractors are loaded with modern and latest features that make them more efficient and high performers.
These advanced features of tractors ensure the enhancement in production and income.
The tractor models are available at affordable prices from just Rs. 2.60 Lakh - Rs. 8.40 Lakh, as per farmers need.
These tractors are a durable, reliable, versatile, and high performer, making them perfect for all kinds of agriculture applications.
Swaraj has the widest dealer network across India, with more than 800+dealers.

Swaraj Tractors - Popular Models, Features and Prices

Some of the popular tractor models offered by Swaraj Tractor Include:

Swaraj 744 FE - 48 Hp
Swaraj 963 FE 4WD - 60 Hp
Swaraj 735 FE - 40 Hp

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