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How a pre purchase building and pest inspection helps in getting the best value out of a property?

When purchasing a house one of the first things that you should organise is a pre purchase building and pest inspection. But why? Obviously a pre purchase inspection is going to bring to your attention any issues the property may have and whether it’s a smart decision to purchase the property. But how can you use the inspection to work for you from a negotiation perspective to ensure that you are getting the best deal.


When Top Dog Pest Control perform a pre purchase building and pest inspection on The Gold Coast the number one thing they are looking for is Termite damage. The Gold Coast is notorious for these little home wreckers and one in every three houses on The Gold Coast either have or have had termites. Evidence of past or present termite activity can kill a property contract in the blink of an eye but with the right advice it could also prove to be huge bargaining chip for the buyer. The team at Top Dog will be able to advise you an whether the problem is major or if it’s a problem that can be managed or rectified easily. Sometimes a little termite problem can mean heavy discounts on the asking price,

Structural Damage

As with Termites, knowing what to look for from a structural perspective could be the difference between buying a lemon or a good fixer upper at a great price. A pre purchase building and pest inspection undertaken by Top Dog Pest Control on the Gold Coast will find anything major or minor structural damage to the property and with this knowledge it could save the purchaser thousands of dollars off the asking price.

Water Damage

Knowing what to look for when looking for water damage is a key skill for pre purchase inspections on Gold Coast. Many areas on The Gold Coast are prone to flooding, many areas don’t even need a lot of water to flood. Seeing past and present water damage in your inspection will be a sure-fire way to having the price drop.

Legal Bedrooms

This here is particularly important! – The more bedrooms a house has the more that house is worth, it’s an easy formula. Because of that it can be easy for owners to try and convert areas in their house into “bedrooms”. It’s important that these rooms meet the codes of being considered a bedroom with ceiling heights, size and windows being a few things taken into consideration when determining if a room is a legal bedroom or not. Obviously if a room is not considered to be a legal bedroom it would take the number of bedrooms offered on the plans down, thus seeing the price of the property drop.

Knowledge is King

This is never more evident than when buying a property. This is more than likely going to be your biggest asset so get all the advice you can. Knowledge is King! Be smarter than the people you are dealing with and you will come out on top.

From a seller’s perspective
You can get on the front foot and get your own pre purchase building and pest inspection. This way you are in a position of power! If there is nothing wrong with your house then you are in the best position to negotiate the best price, on the flip side if there are some issues you know in advance and can plan your strategy.