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How ordinary people wear sweaters to make them look amazing

Submitted by blueandred on Mon, 11/29/2021 - 04:11

In daily life, most middle-aged women actually like to choose some simple and practical basic styles. For example, in winter, they prefer to use various basic coats, down jackets or sweaters to create street or home styles, especially sweaters.
Undeniably, sweater kind of single product is really comfortable, practical and versatile, but if you don't master some collocation routines, actually sweater is difficult to wear a fashion sense. How can the average person wear an "amazing" sweater this winter? Learn from the miscellaneous these a few collocation routine, really beautiful, let's see!
Sweater and jeans
Sweater is one of the commonnest foundation money in winter, its more outstanding characteristic depends on feel soft and comfortable, slant on whole tender soft waxy, this is its advantage since, also be its inadequacy place.
On the one hand, the soft material makes the sweater comfortable, skin-friendly and other advantages, suitable for winter home wear, or used as a winter coat, add warmth to the outfit. On the other hand, a sweater that is too soft can make the look too sweet or lack layers.
Combine jeans with sweaters for a change, especially blue jeans.
Sweater and jeans one gentle and comfortable one casual fashion, mutual combination, jeans can be dressed to bring more fashion breath, daily tonality is full.
And jeans can also balance the sweetness of the sweater itself, so that the dress is more generous and intellectual, like blue jeans with small feet, straight leg jeans, or above this kind of cuffed jeans, worth trying.
Two, dress with sweater
The significance of collocation is to upgrade the style through the collision between items. Taking sweater as an example, it may be mediocre when seen alone, but when combined with skirt, wonderful chemical changes will occur.
This combination has long been popular with grocery bloggers and will easily extend the romance into winter. More importantly, sweater combination skirt wear mode does not pick people and comfortable, we do not have to wear small pants as worried about exposing the leg type problem.
If your leg shape is not perfect, then an umbrella skirt above the knee, a-line skirt is suitable for you.
When combining sweater with skirt, such as jumper, sweater, cardigan, middle-aged women can also change their favorite skirt style.
If you want to emphasize the elegant and delicate ladylike atmosphere, it is recommended to choose a small fragrance style half-length skirt, this kind of dress uses unique woven elements, not only delicate and romantic, hip covering design can highlight the figure curve.
Three, add "color system" in the modeling
Wear a sweater to make you feel amazing, not only from collocation, but also from color, such as adding some color to the look.
About this point roughly divided into three ideas, the first is to choose color sweater, this way can let the sweater itself become a modeling highlight, but the sweater is closer to the face, if the skin is fair can be bold to try.
If skin tone is not fair enough, it is recommended to use a colored sweater as a solid color jacket underneath, or the second idea is to choose a colored bottom.
Resemble color fastens pants of tall waist wide leg, tall waist smoke tube, perhaps color fastens foot to defend pants again, winter is used to combine pure color fastens sweater kind sheet to taste, can light modelling, disperse quietly dress depressing feeling.
Finally, use color as an auxiliary color and choose a colorful scarf, scarf or shoe to make the finishing touch.
Four, using the same color system method
Homolored refers to wearing a coat, jacket, or bottom of the same color. This is a great technique to use when wearing sweaters for a simple, elegant and stunning look.
However, we need to pay attention to a few details. First of all, the color of sweaters and bottoms is not recommended to be too bright, which is easy to produce aesthetic fatigue. It is recommended to change to beige, camel, coffee, light gray, black, light pink or Morandi.
Same color department is not equal to in whole body modelling only one kind of color.
The same color that chooses saturation, lightness to differ fastens sweater and bottom outfit, perhaps act as auxiliary color with base color again, can dissolve what dress actually drab.
For instance with shallow pink sweater combination is the same color fastens after 9 minutes west trousers, fold inside sweater a white dozen bottom is built inside, administrative levels is trenchant and pure and fresh.
Of course, the way to wear a sweater is not limited to this, like folding, mixing and matching, or choose a design sense sweater, can make a person shine at the moment.Read more at: australian formal dresses |