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How to Invest in US Equity with the Best Mutual Fund Software

Indian investors are wondering, why investing in global markets, especially in US markets is becoming popularized. The reason is simple to get global exposure because the contribution of India to the global economy is around 3.3% only, while the top two countries including China & USA are contributing around 15.5% & 23.6% respectively. The elementary factor that is differentiating the US markets from India is investors get exposure of the largest global companies.
Why Invest in US Equity
Investing is more about risk management and less about trading securities. Moreover, the Indian market looks overvalued on a relative basis compared to other global markets. Therefore, there are various benefits for Indian Investors to start investing in US Equities:
The Primary Benefits
International diversification of portfolio (with US equities) is the best method to manage or mitigate risk
Global Exposure
Get global exposure with the US equity market because many US companies with global operations are listed there.

  • The market capitalization of the US equity market is ~$47.32 trillion while 
  • The market capitalization Indian equity market is just ~3.21 trillion.

Fractional Shares
The CMP of an Apple stock is ~$126, which roughly stands ₹ 10,000. If you have only ₹ 5000, then you can also purchase ½ shares (fractional share) of Apple. 
Dollar Value
The exchange rate of USD to INR is ₹ 82.51 today (5th Jan 2023). 5 years back, the rate was ₹ 63.59. When you invest in US stocks, you also invest in the value of the dollar. When USD appreciates as compared to INR, your investment also increases.
Access US Equity investments with Wealth Elite
The most important benefit for MFDs by partnering with Wealth Elite is that MFDs can offer multiple assets to their investors. MFDs using Wealth Elite mutual fund software have the opportunity to assist their investors get the global exposure by investing in the top US equities.