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How to Get Military Discount on Delta Airlines?

Delta offers discounts to the active and retired military personnel of the US. It shows its gratitude and appreciation to their selfless services to the country. Scroll down to know more about it.
Does Delta Give Military Discounts?
Yes, Delta provides discounts for military personnel, both active-duty and veterans. These discounts range from early onboarding, more bag allowance, vacation packages, and special pet allowances.
What is The Delta Military Discount Policy?
Here are the highlights of Delta Airlines Military Discount for your reference -

  • Delta Airlines offers Military veterans with discounts on vacation allowances. These are from $50 to $300.
  • 5 check-in bags are allowed when traveling on military orders with the total dimension limited to 203 cm.
  • They can check-in 3 bags with a total dimension of 157 cm when traveling for a holiday.
  • If an injured family member or domestic partner is for medical travel, travel is available on a discount.

How to book a Delta vacation with a military discount?
To book a vacation on Delta Airlines with military discount, go to the account that follows -

  • Visit the official website of Delta vacations.
  • Hit the option of Before you book.
  • Fill up the form.
  • Mention your official military email address to submit a request for a military discount.
  • Delta will email you a unique number code, an ecertificate, and instructions on redeeming this code and get the military discount.

To know more about booking Delta Vacation Packages with a military discount, call the customer service representative of Delta Airlines.
What are the policies regarding pets onboard for military personnel?
To take your pets on Delta flights, follow the set of terms and conditions as mentioned below -

  • Delta allows the military officials as well as their spouses to travel with their pets as checked baggage on an active transfer order.
  • Pets are not included in the free bag allowance.
  • Cats and dogs breeds that are allowed as checked baggage exclude snub-nosed breeds, Household birds, guinea pigs, and hamsters of domestic U.S.

How to Contact Delta Customer Service for a Military discount?
 To get in touch with a customer service representative of the airline, follow the steps mentioned here:-

  • Visit the official Delta Airlines website.
  •  Hit the search option on the page.
  • Enter Special circumstances in the required field.
  • Click on the link of the same name.
  • Hit the menu that mentions Military travel.
  • Click on the option of Military Travel Benefits.
  • under the section of Flights for military members, find the Delta reservation number.
  •  Dial it and get in touch with a live representative while following the IVR prompts.

So, if you need any assistance regarding your queries and concerns, contact the efficient services of Delta.
In Conclusion
Delta takes pride in honoring and serving those who protect the country. That’s why it offers military benefits to the traveling officials.