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How To Find An Email Address For Free

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Wed, 11/27/2019 - 09:29

Previously, I highlighted the virtues of cold emailing, a powerful tool to communicate with other professionals and unicorn investors. But, to be successful, you need the email addresses of the people you want to contact.

You can reach out on social media, but that's not always the most effective approach. Sending a customised email (not a standard advertising message) that lets you connect is the way to go.
While most people can find and post on social media, email is a more personal— and professional— way to reach out.

Finding email addresses isn't always easy. Many people protect their email address and, for a good reason, it's one of the easiest ways to prevent spam. But if you've lost a significant touch or need to reconnect with someone, you may have cause to dig a little.
Each marketer is looking for' Email Finder.'

And why isn't it? The bigger your email list, the more revenue you are likely to generate for your business.

Everyone would have tried to email a shareholder, developer, long-lost friend from high school, hiring-manager, hard-to-reach CEO, etc. Nearly every sales and marketing professional faces very common problems.

Free email finder:

Okay, so you know who you want to contact, but if you can find an email address to broaden your connection! The dreaded' address search' we meet again.
But don't worry, we'll help you discover some of the best free email-finder tools on the internet today.

Here are some 7 Free Email Finder Software tools to help you grow your business.
1. Find email
2. AeroLeads
3. LinkedIn
4. Hiretual
5. ContactOut
6. LeadFuze
7. SignalHire

• Find email:

find email address lets you find anybody's business email addresses by entering their first name, last name, and company domain. Our email search process is fast, accurate and comprehensive, providing 98% accurate results within seconds.

All Find Email Address email finder results are already verified through our validation algorithms. So if you find a business email address, you can use it to the prospect without worrying about harming your sender's reputation, maintaining a healthy IP.
Allow the tool to work its way to compile your lead lists and company email address to make it easier to process. This feature allows you to export your entire email search history.
Find Email Address also provides the Bulk Email Verifier email validation service for large data sets, saving you from all the trouble of checking each entry separately.
Find Email Address now allows its users to validate personal email addresses, such as Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail etc.

• AeroLeads:

aeroleads is software for businesses of any size in a variety of B2B industries. And if its online reviews are anything to go by, AeroLeads is said to be one of the best tools to find online emails. Don't let these comments affect the decisions. Initially, try it for free.

Through the Chrome plug-in, AeroLeads pulls data from social networking websites like LinkedIn, GitHub, AngelList,, and CrunchBase for relevant, targeted sales.
The system provides individual and business phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles. It can also recognise prospects name, client, location, business and website.
Once the data is identified, users can export it to their CRM software as a.csv file. AeroLeads provides strategic product integrations like MailChimp, HubSpot, Zapier, SalesForce.
The best part about AeroLeads is that it offers a free trial that can be handy to determine if it's a fit for you. Their paid plans start at $49 a month, enabling you to add up to 500 records and up to $499 a month for up to 5000 records. They also offer a customizable package where you can quote your needs accordingly and set a budget as per your specifications.

• LinkedIn:

There was a time when people ignored LinkedIn and were insignificant. Things changed, though! Today, LinkedIn is to become one of the world's largest B2B network networks.
Due to its large server, it can also be used as a software tool to discover emails for free.

Everyone knows that people in B2B domains worldwide heavily use LinkedIn. For example, HR professionals use LinkedIn to hunt a suitable candidate for their company, as it is almost every professional information about job applicants.

Similarly, various other professionals, including salespeople, marketers, CEOs, etc., use LinkedIn.

• Hiretual:

hiretualhelps with every step of your prospecting. Second, it acts as a standard method for extracting email addresses. Nevertheless, its features aren't limited to finding email only.

Furthermore, Hiretual helps you nurture your acquired leads by engaging them and then segmenting them using robust Artificial Intelligence.

This gives you an advantage over your rivals by making sure that you quickly find the most successful leads on the internet.

Hassle-free lead nurturing–Cold-calling or cold-emailing can easily reach your acquired prospects. It enables compatibility with Gmail and Outlook for seamless lead interaction.
Track your progress–keep track of your sourcing results. You can, for example, identify things like how far the prospect is in your sales funnel.

Marketing intelligence aligns — Wonderful things happen when your marketing aligns with your other sales processes. Hiretual helps you achieve this using real-time marketing intelligence.

Use their free plan to access 5 search credits and up to 30 profile analyses. Then their paid packages start at $89 with up to 200 Search Credits and 600 Profile Analysis. Like AeroLeads, they offer a customizable plan that can be used as required.

You can start your search by simply visiting your prospect's LinkedIn profile. You'll see a "contact info" option as shown below: you'll be privy to the contact information of the prospect, including their phone number, email address, other social media links, etc.

• ContactOut:

Fighting personal email address and phone number with quick, easy steps? ContactOut's covered!

ContactOut integrates emails and phone numbers of your prospects with platforms like LinkedIn and Github. Using this free email-finder tool, you can easily connect with people to your specifications.

Upon accessing this email finder software tool, you'll be directed to the dashboard that's crisp and easy to navigate. Here you can access all your saved leads, organise, group and categorise them into different folders and share them with your team.

Although they offer a free plan, it is not nearly sufficient as only 100 search credits are allowed. Their paid plans begin at $19 a month.

• LeadFuze:

If you don't just want to wait for hours to find your prospects ' email address, LeadFuze is perfect for you. In the last month alone, LeadFuze found over 3 million leads, according to their official website.

In the beginning, you get 25 free leads, which will help you check the brand before making the final purchase. No credit card needed. Packages paid range from $97 monthly to $297 monthly

• SignalHire:

Used around 250 million worldwide, SignalHire is a perfect tool to extract email addresses from your leads and prospects. You can find real-time emails and other important contact details. So, if you're a recruiter, sales professional, or marketer, this tool can come in handy whenever you're looking for email addresses and new leads.

Pricing plans: You can start with their free package offering 5 email credits per month to check if this is a perfect tool for you. Paid packages start at $79/month.


These tools are a great way to easily find emails and initiate valuable contacts to expand your network, promote your brand, or increase sales.

Moreover, with these devices at your beck and call, you will reach unsurmountable heights. The best part is they don't need much effort on your part and are full.