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How enjoyable is sex with flat chested sex dolls compared to real sex?

Thousands of sex with dozens of real women, hundreds of sex with the only flat chested sex dolls I have, I can say sex with real women is better than sex with dolls better.

Sex with a real person is better for good chemistry, connection, and attraction. But this doesn't always exist. You have to be a bit lucky, and it also takes a lot of time and effort to get to this point.

Having sex with sex doll in stock is 100 times better if you compare the amount of effort you put in with the measure you get.

Sex doll in stock doesn't require any effort. But you can put in the effort and I enjoy it. Dressing her up, putting on makeup, and getting her ready for sex is exciting. Clean up a little afterward. Simple.
Compare it to finding a woman, talking to a woman, being less agitated and having problems, complications, miscommunication, etc. Even if you find out that the girl of your dreams is lucky and easy and she wants to come home when you want to have sex with you, she still has all her needs.

All you need is your imagination to ravage the big booty sex doll at will.

They feel good, and in many ways even better. Most women don't have the perfect body. Big booty sex doll has what you want, you really designed her. Choose chest size, height, hair color and style, eye color, even if you have some fantasies like elf or anime, vampires, or highly unlikely body types like EE sized boobs for a 5ft woman, you want it, you Understood. So you tell me, is it better to have someone who happens to be in the same place as you, or is it better to have your perfect dream person?

Still, the pleasure part of sex can be the input of the other person, and the irreplaceable pleasure of love and intimacy can only be imagined with dolls. Therefore, real women have the ultimate best sexual potential. But again, doll sex is much easier and the smarter option.

For example, being the best chef in the world is better than serving you delicious free food anytime, anywhere. It's a deeper, more meaningful achievement that has a profound impact on your life. But free food for life is much easier and satisfying, and it will be the easy option for 99% of people.