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How to dress fashionably easily

Submitted by blueandred on Wed, 12/15/2021 - 23:52

As the four seasons will not be absent of the basic single product -- jeans, every time go out can not think of what to wear, always put on it, and then casually with a jacket can easily go out.
Although jeans are easy to build, but also easy to wear "ordinary", cookie-cutter, in this ready to step into the summer season, how to wear to fashionable and good-looking?
Today, micro sauce will share with you 7 collocation ideas of early summer "jeans", hoping to inspire and help you.
Idea 1: Jeans + "elegant" shirt
Durable and versatile jeans belong to casual style items. If the same casual style items are used to match, it is a very common casual and comfortable wear on weekdays, such as jeans + T-shirt.
But if you want to add a little more sophistication and femininity to your outfit, you can always go with a style item.
For instance the shirt of elegant style, contain the design element such as edge of lacy, agaric, lotus leaf, can balance the recreational feeling of jeans, give a person intellectual and easy bright and bright temperament. ▼
Idea 2: jeans + "light color department" thin sweater
The sweater of frivolous money suits the weather of sometimes hot and sometimes cold in spring and summer change season most, breathe freely won't appear too thin again, the jeans that tie-in blue fastens at this time, change shallow color fastens.
For instance light blue, goose yellow, soft pink is waited a moment, have the beautiful feeling of chun xia very much, lightsome and gentle, this simple combination spends bit of small idea on colour collocation ok. ▼
Idea 3: Jeans + "commuter style" suit
If you don't have a strict dress code at work, you can add a casual element to your daily commute to lighten your mood. For example, on suit days, try replacing suit pants with jeans for a chic and casual urban woman.
To avoid the difference of style too apparent, the proposal chooses the jeans that brunet fastens, such whole feeling suits the female of light ripe wind of 30 years old + more, have composed also have unruly one side. ▼
Idea four: jeans + waistcoat single product
Daily T-shirt + jeans is the most used formula, simple and correct, if you do not spend a little thought on accessories, it is easy to wear "rigid", no level, so at this time you can use some fresh and light single product to fold.
For example, neat and seasonal suit vest, windcoat vest, knitted vest vest and so on, on the basis of jeans and T-shirts, a vest single product can not only enrich the layers of wearing, but also create a thin "H" profile, easy to cover meat. ▼
Jeans + knee-length "Dress"
For those of you who like loose clothing styles, you can wear jeans for spring and summer by pairing them with a mid-length, above-the-knee dress or a long shirt and a pair of slim jeans for a laid-back look.
Of course, if you're worried about looking shorter, go for a high-waisted style, or a straight silhouette. If it's a shirt-dress, it can be thrown open and worn with a simple solid color T-shirt for a cool, flowing look. ▼
Idea 6: Jeans + "striped elements" top
The casual feeling of jeans and striped shirt are also very compatible. Compared with plain T-shirt shirt, the addition of stripe elements will make the overall collocation more comfortable. Stripe shirt with horizontal pattern is more literary and elegant, while vertical stripe is more mature and more commuting atmosphere. ▼
Idea 7: Jeans + simple T-shirt, folded cardigan more Japanese sense
In the wearing of Japanese magazines, we often see the use of cardigans to fold, especially in the combination of basic style + basic style, such a fold can not only enrich the layers, but also very practical.
Let a person be able to think of daily scene at once in, put on the intimate cardigan that can keep warm at any time, cold wear, hot take off, still can build inside with on colour, or it is to echo with jeans, have vigor and be full of natural breath again.Read more at: long formal dresses online australia | perth ball gowns