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How does e-commerce promote the development of bearing industry?

Submitted by Tianli on Tue, 10/27/2015 - 23:11

E-commerce refers to the transaction and relevant services by punch bearing housing trading methods on the Internet, Intranet and Value Added Network (VAN), which is the electronization and networking of all links in traditional commercial activities that make use of microcomputer technology and network communication technology. According to their positions and point and degree of participating in e-commerce, the world governments, scholars and enterprise personnel gave different definitions.

With the rapid development of the Internet, the value of conveyor roller network marketing has been gradually accepted and attracts the attention from the business owners. In web1.0 era, the common network marketing includes: search engine marketing, email marketing, IM Marketing, BBS marketing, viral marketing; while in web2.0 era, there are more and more network applications and richer network marketing methods.

Bearing is the key bottom part of all conveyor pulley machinery, whose precision, performance, longevity and robustness determine that of the main engine. In machinery products, bearing is a kind of high precision product, which not only needs the overall support of maths, physics and other subjects, but the sciences of materials science, heat treatment technology, precision machining and measurement technology, digital technology, efficient numerical methods and powerful computer technology functions etc., therefore, bearing is also the product representing a nation's sci & tech power.   

Currently roller bearing housing are widely used in car rear, transmission, electrical equipment parts, universal motor, household appliances, instruments, internal combustion engines, construction machinery, railway vehicles, handling machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery. In 21st century with the flourishing of Internet, with the constant development of China's social economy, the trade exchange in industry with the world has been transferred from the traditional industries into the advanced e-commerce, and people in bearing industry has had the strong sense of Internet. In western developed countries, e-commerce is developing very fast and trading through Internet has become a trend, which is changing or will change the daily life and working modes of many people. In the 70s and early 80s of 10th century, under the three factors of restrictions of plan economic system, modes of industry management and work division and assignation for construction tasks, bearing trade is a blocked self-sufficient and personal mode, and all construction enterprises have set up the self-sufficient system.   

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