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How do you make oatmeal soap?

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Oatmeal is a cereal that helps a lot to improve the skin, it is ideal to give it a deep cleaning to keep it hydrated and well nourished. There are many ways to use it, either in masks or as exfoliants, but one of the best ways to take advantage of its incredible properties is to incorporate the use of oatmeal soap into your daily routine.
This is very beneficial, it helps remove all dead skin cells, softens it and restores its natural moisture, not to mention that it is an excellent beauty trick, since it is one of the best treatments for sensitive and delicate skin
Benefits of oatmeal soap
Oatmeal is a fairly common ingredient among various beauty products, for skin care or for the bath, this is due to its incredible exfoliating and moisturizing properties, and it also helps to calm certain allergies. Oatmeal soap is suitable for use on any skin type, and it is gentle enough to be used as much as you want or need.
Some of the best-known benefits of using homemade oatmeal soap instead of conventional soap are:
Natural scrub
When using oatmeal that is finely ground, it is considered a natural exfoliator, which is gentle enough to use on a daily basis. It is responsible for exfoliating the skin by eliminating the dead cells accumulated in it, this soap is responsible for unclogging the pores and also improving the appearance and texture of the skin. It prevents premature aging by penetrating the pores and maintaining the necessary levels of hydration so that the skin does not dry out, and thus delaying the appearance of wrinkles.
Relieves irritation and itching
Oatmeal has properties that are responsible for relieving skin irritation, it also prevents rashes, such as those that can occur in contact dermatitis or with the touch of poison ivy. It can also be of great help in relieving the pain of sunburns, especially when used for bathing or when applied directly to burned areas. Many dermatologist experts claim that oatmeal can control the restoration of skin moisture and recommend that of traditional soap over oatmeal, especially if it is handmade or organic.
Absorb fat
Oatmeal soap has multiple benefits for any type of skin, but especially for those who have oily skin or who are prone to acne, this is because this cereal is responsible for absorbing the oils that come out through the pores without actually drying out. Oats have certain astringent properties, which help to remove accumulated fat, especially on the face. Using a handmade oatmeal soap helps to quickly and very efficiently restore the skin's natural pH, without interfering with the effectiveness of other treatments used to control acne.
How to make an oatmeal soap?
An ideal oatmeal soap to exfoliate the skin
Making oatmeal soap at home may be better than buying a ready-made soap, as it controls much better what is being used on the skin, especially those people who are allergic to different flowers, foods or essences.
Ingredients to use
• A blender; also serves a food processor
• 5 teaspoons oat flakes
• A large bar of natural or glycerin soap
• A large container that can be used in the microwave
• 1 large tablespoon of water
• A wooden stirring paddle
• Soap molds
Preparation of oatmeal soap
1. Place the oat flakes in the blender or food processor, they should be somewhat thick, not totally pulverized.
2. In the container, place the previously scratched bar of natural soap, add the tablespoon of water and put in the microwave for 3 minutes until it dissolves, without letting it foam.
3. Little by little, join the soap with the oats and stir with the paddle until it has a good consistency.
4. The mixture is poured into soap molds and allowed to cool and harden at room temperature.
With this you will have your homemade oatmeal soap ready, which you can use to improve the health of your skin on a large scale.
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