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How Do Stablecoins Compound Your Revenue?

Here are the major modes through which stablecoins generate income for your business.

Transaction Fee

Though users shift from conventional cryptocurrencies, by using your stablecoins they are still levied a good deal of transaction fee for averting the danger of volatility and securing their investment.

Trading Volume

Once you launch your stablecoin and distribute it all over the world, your customer base tends to grow. As your customer base tends to grow, trading volume and fees increase. Thus, trading volumes boost your revenue.

Cross-border Payments

Stablecoins’ target audience is common people (or) crypto traders who happened to be separated from their families and live in a distant land. Since their trading volume is high, the income yielded is also high.

Currency Conversion Fee

No matter how much users trade between countries (or) continents, they tend to satisfy the objective of a stablecoin - to convert the coins into local currencies. Hence, the currency conversion fee is also a part of your income.


As soon as you deploy your stablecoins and it begins to popularize in the crypto market, you are guaranteed to attract global investors. Through their investment and with support, your business can scale heights.


The ICO (or) MLM platform we create to distribute your stablecoin gains popularity and revenue as well in a short span of time. MLM has the opportunity to continue for life, thus you can earn lifelong income.

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