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How do I stick to the keto diet?

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Submitted by mayajustin on Mon, 02/15/2021 - 23:38

We all make promises to ourselves to start eating right, get more sleep, exercise regularly, and strive to be healthier. As many New Years dieters learn, though, a major lifestyle change is neither quick nor easy. It requires dedication, discipline, and a weight loss plan that’s right for your body, your schedule, and your wallet.
Luckily, there’s a diet that will do all this and more, improving your energy levels and your overall health: the keto diet. You’ve surely heard of the keto diet.
keto dieting became all the rage back in 2018, and became the subject of a number of best-selling books, dozens and dozens of blog posts, and weight loss forums across the world. It’s remained a popular diet ever since, seeming only to grow in popularity and recognition as time has gone on. There’s one simple reason for that: the keto diet just works, and it doesn’t just serve to help you lose weight.
It’s a lifestyle that will improve your heart health, get your cholesterol in check, and give you more energy than you would have thought possible. Thankfully, building a keto diet plan is actually pretty simple, and doesn’t require time-consuming or difficult recipes. In fact, you can get your 2020 keto diet plan right here at Keto Diet Rule, and best of all, it’s completely free.
It’s not too late to make good on those New Years’ resolutions, so let’s dive right into crafting the perfect keto menu for beginners. Here are the keto diet tips you need to get started.
What Exactly Is Keto?
Before you begin, you should familiarize yourself with what the keto diet is and how it can work for you. Basically, the ketogenic diet (commonly shortened to keto diet) is a high fat, low carb, and focuses on healthy proteins. Eating keto will force your body into a process called ketosis, during which your body will begin to burn fats for energy instead of carbohydrates.
Both keto diets and the Atkins diet focus on a reduction of carbohydrates in order to burn fat, but the keto diet allows dieters to continue to eat meat, in particular encouraging the consumption of red meat. Keto diets thus make use of a wider range of protein sources than the Atkins diet.
Keto dieting may well look very similar to the foods you’re already eating. In fact, the keto diet is well known for letting dieters continue to eat many of the foods they love. Love cheeseburgers? Keto has you covered: cheese and ground beef are both encouraged in the keto diet. All you have to do is switch to a carb-free “bun” (lettuce is a popular choice) and you can have as many burgers as you want.