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How do I get a callback From Southwest Airlines?

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Southwest Airlines serves 121 destinations, and it is a reliable airline that offers flight tickets at an affordable cost being a low-cost carrier. The airline has a reputation for providing exceptional customer service, and you can get all your queries resolved easily. If you have not been able to connect with the Southwest Airlines Customer Service team, you can go through the information here to get a callback. There are multiple ways to connect with the airline or request a callback via the official website, social media, or live chat.
Ways to get a callback from Southwest Airlines
Via the official website: 
Customers can ask for a call back from the airline by visiting the official website. You have to follow the steps below.

  • Get to the homepage - and click “Contact Us”
  • Click “Send us an email” and fill out a form.
  • You have to enter your name, number, and email address and ask for a callback in the message field.
  • You will get a reply from the airline at your registered email account.
  • You can expect to receive a call back in a few days.

Via live chat: 
You can chat with an agent and Speak to live person at Southwest Airlines to request a call back easily. You have to log in to your account to access the chat icon. The customer service agent will reply to you in a few minutes with the best possible solution to your query.
Via phone number: 
When you make the call at the Southwest Airlines customer service number 1-800-435-9792, you will get a set of instructions to reach an agent that has to be followed to get the solution to your query. The airline may put your call on hold for a while as the airline receives many calls at any given point in time. If you have been on hold for a long time, you will get another set of instructions given below.

  • Press 1 to request a callback.
  • To continue waiting, press 2.
  • If you want to disconnect, press 3.

The airline will call you back if you select the appropriate option.
Customers can contact the airline using a different mode of communication rather than choosing to connect over the phone and get the solution to their query. You can use any of the methods given below.
Via social media: 
Southwest Airlines is available on all the popular social media platforms to connect with customers. You can send a message and stay updated on the latest airline news and offers if you follow the airline on the websites given below.

  • Facebook -
  • Instagram -
  • Twitter -

Via the postal address:
You can contact Southwest Airlines by sending a letter rather than calling the  Southwest Airlines Phone Number by using the address given below. You will get a reply within ten days once your letter is received by the airline.
P.O. Box 36647-1CR
Dallas, Texas 75235
The information here can be used to get a callback from Southwest Airlines. If you require any other help, visit the official website or call the customer service number.