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How Do I Choose My Seat After Booking a Flight in KLM?

You have made your booking with KLM for your next trip. But what about the seat selection? Have you made it already or missed it? Don’t worry. KLM Airlines facilitates you with choosing seats as per your comfort and convenience.
If you don’t know how to grab your most preferred seats after booking your tickets, go through the piece of writing that follows.
What is KLM Seat Selection Policy?
Before selecting seats on KLM flights, go through its guidelines for the same. Here are the major points of KLM seat selection policy for your reference -

  • Find out if you are eligible for a free seat selection or have to pay for it.
  • Your fees are determined by the travel class selected.
  • Get free seats at check-in if you are flying with kids up to 11 years of age. KLM ensures that an adult of the same family sits next to the kid.
  • Choosing your most preferred seats is easy with My Trip.
  • Get a standard seat for free at check-in.
  • SkyMiles Elite members and Flying Blue Elite members can book extra comfortable seats at a discount. At times, seat booking is free for them.

How Can I Select a Seat on KLM Airlines?
You can easily grab your favorite seats with KLM flights. Whether you have to pick your seats while booking or after making your KLM flight reservations, these methods will help you.
Choose from the online and offline methods as suitable and proceed accordingly. Now, let’s go through each method one by one.
Online Seat Selection Method

  • Visit the official website of KLM Airlines.
  • Click on the ‘My Trip tab on the homepage.
  • Enter your details -
    • Flight Booking Code
    • The passenger’s name
  • Hit on the Search button.
  • Go through your reservations with KLM.
  • Pick a booking for which you have to select your favorite seats.
  • Go ahead to the Seat Selection option.
  • Choose your favorite seat from the airline’s seat map.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.
  • Confirm your seat selection.
  • Pay the amount as required.

Once the payment is done successfully (if required), KLM Airlines will send you the seat selection confirmation through an email.
Offline Seat Selection Method

  • Dial 1800 419 3044, which is the KLM customer service number.
  • Listen carefully to the IVR menu instructions.
  • Follow each of the IVR prompts.
  • Wait for a while.
  • A live executive will get in touch with you.
  • Raise a request for seat selection.
  • Share your details of booking with the executive as required.

Make the payment and your seat selection will be successfully made as per your requirements and convenience.
What are Smart Tips to Choose Seats on KLM?
Here are some tips to help you grab the best seats on KLM flights. Thereby, adding to your comfort and convenience.

  • Go for an aisle seat if you want more legroom or easy access to the restroom.
  • Want superb views during the trip? Select a window seat.
  • If you need extra legroom, seats in the emergency exit row or bulkhead make a good choice.

For more information, call KLM España teléfono - 1800 419 3044 where experts will assist you in no time.
Wrapping Up
So, wait no more. If a KLM flight trip is on your cards, choose your favorite seats along with making the booking. Check if the airline assigns you free seats. Proceed accordingly and have a great trip.