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How Do I Change My Flight On British Airways?

Travel plans undergo changes and it is pretty common. No matter how well you plan, sudden occurrences might result in disruption of your trips. But with British Airways (BA) you can easily change your flight reservation. Thanks to its customer-friendly policy that allows you with a quick and smooth process to proceed with the change.
Since there are numerous reasons for which flight changes are required, BA keeps it simple for flight modifications. Moreover, its smart approach and flexible conditions make things easier for your flight change. Its easy and fast process makes it a stress-free experience to modify booking.
Now, take a look into the way you can change your BA flight reservation.
What is British Airways Flight Change Policy?
Before starting with the process of changing your BA booking, you must be aware of its guidelines. So, here are the British Airways change flight policy highlights -

  • Book your tickets directly with British Airways to get the flight change coverage.
  • The BA flight change policy doesn’t cover Sun-Air tickets.
  • Pay the flight fare difference if the new booking costs more than the original one.
  • You can book only a flight with partly paid travel vouchers having Avios points.
  • Raise a travel voucher request and/or a travel date change as long as the check-in window stays open.
  • Make payment for a new booking with your travel vouchers.
  • BA travel vouchers are non-refundable. You can use these only to -
    • Book BA flights
    • Grab BA Holidays with a hotel booking notice of at least 7 days

How Can I Change My British Airways Flight?
Currently, British Airways is not allowing you to make booking changes online. So, you can call the customer service team to make changes.

  • Call 1-800-247-9297.
  • Listen carefully to the IVR menu prompts.
  • Follow each of the instructions.
  • Wait for a while.
  • A live executive will get connected.
  • Request the flight change.

What is the Flight Change Fee of British Airways?
You have to pay the following flight change for the changes made through -

  • Phone - $25
  • At the airport - $35

Call British Airways Teléfono España at 1-800-247-9297 and get more information regarding the flight change fee that you have to shell out.
Wrapping Up
In a nutshell, you can change your BA booking easily and as per your requirements. The airline makes sure that your flight modification is done to fulfill your travel plans. At the same time, you must follow the guidelines set by the airline to change your reservation.
Moreover, the flexible and customer-friendly approach of the airline makes things all the more convenient for you. This helps you stay on track for your modification process. So, follow the guidelines and rules of flight change with BA. The steps to switch your bookings are also easy.
And if you need help with the reservation changes of British Airways, the customer service team of the airline is always there.