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How to choose a Rolex classic Date Just watch?

How to choose a Rolex date just watch? Born in 1945, the Rolex DATE JUST series watch has gone through 77 years of history. It is not only the largest production and sales volume in the Rolex family, but also the first Rolex watch that many people bought. On the one hand, it contributes more than 60% of Rolex's sales every year, and it is the real foundation of Rolex's crown.

On the other hand, it is a watch with a very wide variety of series. You can find at least more than 200 various types of Date Just watches on the official website of Rolex. So today I will talk about how to use it in the vast ocean of watches. Choose the Date Just watch what best suits you.

All Rolex Date Just series watches are designed with a dense bottom and spanning the past 40 years, there is nothing more than two movements, 3135 and 3235. Therefore, choosing a journal is actually a very superficial process, that is, choosing from those places that you can see and touch. The first and most important thing is the choice of material because this directly determines the final budget you have to pay for the purchase of the watch.

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A high-end watch is an absolute luxury. The price difference between stainless steel and K gold is astonishing. For a gold case, the watch is twice as expensive, and for a full gold strap, the watch is twice as expensive. From an affordable point of view, the steel model is enough, after all, the interior is the same, but from the perspective of temperament and matching, my personal suggestion is to choose the steel model with confidence and boldness if you are younger than me, and choose the gold model if you are older than me. It can definitely reflect the aura of middle-aged people.

The next thing that needs to be determined is the bezel and strap, after all, this is also the most prominent feature of the watch. According to the budget and the thickness of the wrist, I think that for small wrists and girls, choosing a Jubilee bracelet with a fluted bezel can definitely bring out the elegant temperament of a log to the extreme. If you're buying a log because you can't get a sports model, a fluted bezel and aperture with a bracelet is also an acceptable option.

The thicker the wrist circumference, the higher the fit of the chain you choose. There are also more splendid and luxurious options, that is, the diamond-encrusted version. The bezel, scale, hour marker, case, and lugs can all be inlaid with diamonds, and even the watch can be inlaid with diamonds. You can also bring it, but that is called the Masterpiece series.

The next step is to choose the dial. This step is extremely important. It is not as simple as choosing a color. After all, no one is more ruthless than Rolex when it comes to playing the dial, so before you choose a log, it is best to understand it first. How many different dial types are there in Rolex's journal series? The basic dials are mainly divided into these categories: Rolex sunburst dial, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, Mother-Of-Pearl dial, Floral motif dial, Sodalite dial, Computer dial, Palm motif dial, Fluted motif dial and so on.


In general, the diversity of the dial surface of the log series is basically made a fuss about the processing technology of the dial surface. Of course, the style of the dial is one aspect, and it is also very important to choose the color of the dial . My personal suggestion for choosing the color of the dial is as follows: if it is a boy, conservative colors, black and blue are correct, and you want some special colors For example, green, may need to pay some extra price in the market.

How to choose a Rolex date just watch?

How to choose a Rolex date just watch?

As for girls, you can choose the color of the dial according to your mood, and you can choose any color, except for a brown dial that has higher requirements for skin color, usually this color is commonly known as a chocolate-colored dial.

Boys just need to remember when choosing between gold models: what kind of gold material is used, choose the color of the plate corresponding to this, and you will never go wrong. For example, a 36mm five-bead chain with a dog tooth ring and a black dial does not require any extra fancy things. This is an old classic steel option that can be worn.

Girls choose the all-steel model. I personally suggest that you can leave part of the budget on the diamond setting on the bezel. For example, this watch in my hand is set with a circle of diamonds, with a mother-of-pearl dial and diamond-engraved hour markers. Although it is a steel watch, it can definitely bring out the style of a gold watch with these things.

How to choose a Rolex date just watch?

As for the gold models, middle-aged men and above can choose the ones with diamonds and engravings. That's how gold and diamonds come. And if you are younger and want to buy a gold model, I personally suggest that you can choose a unique plate.

I personally think that when choosing a women's watch with gold models, the choice of the color of the dial can be based on age. For older women, you can choose the same gold color scheme as the strap, with gold and diamonds, which is absolutely in place. If you are relatively young, I suggest you choose some bright colors, such as this emerald green paired with gold, which is also fashionable and moving.

We also hope that in the next blog, on the one hand, we can add some comparisons of watches of the same price and type; on the other hand, we can also add some experience and suggestions for choosing between different watches in the same series. Of course, I also hope that you will share more of your thoughts and suggestions, as well as the various experiences and lessons you have encountered in the process of purchasing watches. Let us present to you a blog that is good-looking, fun, and knowledgeable.

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