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How to choose hair color for the first time?

Submitted by blueandred on Mon, 08/09/2021 - 01:25

One of the most typical questions I get from my fans is: How do I choose the color of my hair when I first dye it? Can I dye my hair without bleaching it? What should I pay attention to? Let's talk about this topic.
The friends who dye hair for the first time, must be careful some, the color is good, the key is that you can dye, this is the key. Before answering your question, it is suggested to do these three things first, confirm that it can be dyed, and then it is not late, so as to avoid problems after dyeing, it will be more troublesome.
Here are three things you should know before you start dyeing your hair for the first time. At the end of this article, I recommend some hair colors for the first time. Please keep reading.
One: you must have a skin allergy test
For the first time, it is important not only to choose the color carefully, but also to do a skin allergy test. Because about one in a thousand people will be allergic to phenylenediamine in hair dye, the skin will be red and itchy, the weight will cause physical discomfort, serious may appear skin ulceration. Therefore, people who have not dyed their hair must do a skin sensitivity test. If there is no allergic reaction, it is not too late to consider the color.
The test method is very simple, the dye to be dyed, first mix out the soy bean size portion, and then use cotton swab to apply behind the ear or inside the wrist, 48 hours without discomfort such as swelling, it shows that your body will not produce allergic reaction to hair dye. You can choose your favorite color and dye your hair.
Hair dye allergy and the quality of hair dye has nothing to do with, mainly is their own body to benzene chemicals allergic reaction, that is to say, your body's allergen is benzene. In hair colorants, the main function of p-benzodiazepine is to color hair, which is used in almost all hair colorants. Hair colorants without p-benzodiazepine cannot be dyed with color.
Therefore, friends who dye their hair for the first time, or people who do not dye their hair for a long time, it is recommended that they do a test before dyeing their hair, which can not only reduce the risk of allergic hair, but also protect their bodies at least.
Second: you must understand the basic principles of hair color
Used to natural hair color, if suddenly dyed too light too bright, you may not accept all of a sudden, but also produce not to adapt to the feeling. And the process of dyeing your hair is not as easy as you might think, so it's worth understanding the basics.
1. Dyeing your hair and painting your nails are two different things
To apply nail polish, simply apply the color to the surface of the nail, creating a film. This kind of stay in the color of the surface, it is easy to wash off, change color very convenient also.
And dye hair is different, dye hair is dye pigment into the interior of the hair, the color after dye hair is shown through the epidermis layer of the hair, epidermis layer has no color. So, it's a very complicated process. After dyeing, if you are not satisfied with the color, it is not easy to wash out, and you must change the color. To change the color, you need to bleaching the hair, bleaching the pigment in the hair, to re-dye the hair, not only hurt the hair, the operation is also very troublesome.
Dyeing hair is a complex chemical process
The process of dyeing hair, to put it simply, is to remove some of the natural pigment from the hair through oxidation, and then put artificial color into the hair. The combination of artificial and natural colors in the hair gives us the color we see.
Before dyeing hair, we must calculate well for the target color and background color, so that we can choose the right dioxy milk and dye cream to mix when dyeing hair. Daub goes up in the hair, the ammonia water in dye cream opens hair scale, double oxygen enters in the hair, float a few of a part natural pigment, mix in the hair at the same time with artificial pigment a big molecule, color is left in the hair, this is the principle that dyes hair.
3, the color must be based on their own skin color
Dyeing and the relationship of skin color is very big, the choice is bad hair color, can affect the brightness of skin color. For example, if people with dark skin choose too light a hair color, their skin will appear even darker. People with yellow skin, if the choice of orange, stuffy cyan and other colors, will appear more dark yellow, will make your skin look dirty, even sick feeling.
Fair-skinned people, no matter what color, as long as they can control the color, are suitable. But people with dark or yellow skin may even have to choose hair color. In general, when choosing hair color, we will refer to our own skin color, as well as the style of daily wear color, to determine their suitable hair color.
Friends who dye their hair for the first time should understand clearly that it is a big project to change the color of their hair if they are not satisfied with it. It must be washed, bleached and other methods, which are very complicated and damaging. Therefore, be careful when choosing hair color.
Third: Be mentally prepared
The person that dyes hair for the first time, had better not choose too shallow too bright hair color, because you are not clear whether these colors suit him, and too shallow hair color should surely bleach hair, hurt hair not only, fade color is fast also. Once you don't like it, it's quite complicated to change colors.
The process of dyeing hair is more harmful to hair, and the pigment dyed into the hair, will gradually fade as hair washing, that is to say, the color just dyed out is saturated and shiny, but after a period of time, the color will gradually become light, and finally reveal the same color as the color of hair. To get back to your natural hair color, you need to re-color your hair with a darker color.
Hair color fading and the quality of hair dye is not too big relationship, again advanced hair dye, will fade. But fade speed is fast and slow, with hair quality, with dye color depth is concerned. Healthy hair will fade slowly than damaged hair, and dark hair will fade slowly than light hair. This is one of the most basic rules that you must be clear about.
After the fade, the hair will take on a brown or yellow base color, the lighter the color, the more yellow the base color after the fade. The dyed color is deep, and after fading, it will show a brown or orange base color, which is mainly related to the dyed color.
The friends who often dye hair are clear about these, but you who dye hair for the first time, must be prepared psychologically, after lest dye hair, appear similar problem, still do not know what situation.
Above these 3 content, it is the content that dye hair for the first time must clear and understand. Here are some recommended hair colors for the first time.
The friend that dyes hair for the first time, the suggestion chooses the life color that depth is in 6 degrees less than. This kind of low-key luxury, white and natural, do not need to bleach hair, can be dyed directly on your natural hair color, the damage to hair quality is small, color fade speed is slow, even if fade color background color will not appear too yellow.
What is life color? The so-called life color is the color of the middle color, not deep not light, very life color. And the operation is simple, suitable for the vast majority of skin color and age, can say that this color does not pick people, who can dye. For instance chestnut brown, brown red, brown brown, chocolate, coffee, belong to life color.
Although these are not fashionable hair colors, they are favored by many celebrities because of their low profile. This kind of color belongs to the dark color, and the faded color differs slightly from the natural color newly grown from the hair root, and the connection is more natural. In addition, it does little damage to the hair quality, and the faded color is slow, making it the most life hair color.
The friend that dyes hair for the first time, suggest the life color that chooses to fasten with brown strongly, no matter your skin is white or dark yellow, suit this kind of hair color. For specific hair color, go to the barber shop and choose a color between 6 and 5 on the color palette, or ask Mr. Tony to help you choose the best hair color for you according to your skin tone and hairstyle.Read more at: | formal dresses sydney |