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How to Cancel a Southwest Airlines Flight

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How to Cancel a Southwest Airlines Flight
You purchased your ticket with southwest airlines earlier, and you have an urgent thing like a meeting or something else that coincides with your departure date, so you are thinking of canceling your ticket. If you want cancelation, first of all, you must not panic in this situation as southwest airlines have a policy for cancelation where you will get your money back for the ticket. Now you can cancel in various ways, so the first is calling. If you cannot reach customer support, you have another way of cancelation your ticket with southwest airlines it is using the website. You can choose among the ways to cancel your ticket with this airline.
Cancelation policy of southwest airlines
You can cancel refundable or non-refundable tickets for free, but you have to note that you will only get your refund on a refundable ticket.If you receive flight credit, you can use a rapid rewards account to view and manage the credit and use it to make a reservation with the same airline. You must note that if you make your reservation using these credits, you cannot ask airlines to refund you. You can cancel your ticket up to 10 minutes before departure time. You will receive your money for the ticket within ten days of cancelation.If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of your ticket booking, you have to know that you are eligible for a refund and that there will not be any cost for southwest airlines flight cancelation.
Procedure for cancelation of the ticket
If you talk to a person at southwest airlines, you can cancel. Also, you can cancel by going to a website.
Via callThis is the most used way if you want to make cancelation a ticket with southwest airlines. The process is simple. You have to make a call on the number which you will find on the website. After going to contact us find the number according to your country and then get yourself connected with customer support and then select your language, and after that you will be connected to the customer support of southwest; after connecting, you can tell that you want to make a ticket cancelation of your airlines and then you will be asked the reason for that after you confirm reason with them they will start the process of cancelation. If you are eligible for a refund according to southwest's cancelation policy you will get that.
Via websiteIf you are looking for another way of making your ticket cancelation with southwest, then you have to know that there are some steps that you need to follow so that you can get your ticket canceled with southwest and get a refund if eligible the steps are
You have to go to the website of southwest airlines after you get there
Now look for change/cancel
After you click on change/cancel, you will have to put your first name and last name as well as the confirmation number and then press search.
After that, you must select the flight booking you want to cancel.
Then you have to confirm the cancelation.