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How can I lose 13 kgs in 2 months?

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If you are tired of so much theory and want something tangible, today we bring you a true story of body transformation. It sure encourages you
Losing weight has its part of theory and its part of skill. If you are fed up with the writing to lose weight and you want real things, today we bring you a testimony of a man who managed to lose 13 kilos in two months.
His name is Chris Aimetti, and he has told his story in the English edition of 'Men's Health'. It may serve and inspire you in your weight loss challenge.
How to lose 13 kilos in two months
This 25-year-old man from Colorado decided that it was time to lose his excess weight. His job as a bank assistant kept him tied to a chair too long, and he began to neglect his figure.
Even though he exercised normally, he was not able to follow a controlled diet. He arrived at the university weighing 95 kilos. A weight that affected his own self-esteem: "I did not like how I felt. I did not feel safe, and that led me to be insecure in other areas of life," he tells the aforementioned medium.
So, he decided it was time to cut his losses and start taking action. She contacted a personal trainer, Erika Patterson, and began her weight loss plan.
The trainer focused on exercise and diet, two staples in any weight loss regimen.
Exercise and diet you did
The first thing they did was readjust their diet, reducing calories. He kept his protein intake at a moderate level, but did not cut out carbohydrates, which was reasonable because he was exercising in addition to his diet. "I barely realized I was dieting because the changes were small and gradually increased."
In addition to eating a more balanced diet, Chris began doing cardio and bodybuilding exercises, with basic movements of eight to twelve repetitions.
When we are dieting, it is important to do strength training, as weights help build muscle, which will replace body fat. In fact, this workout is one of the few activities that speeds up your metabolism (the number of calories you burn while resting), driving weight loss.
He regained his confidence
In 60 days, this young man lost 13 kilos and reduced his body fat from 13% to 4%. In addition to being happy about his new appearance, he feels much better about himself, as he has renewed "confidence."
To those who, like him, want to encourage themselves to go on a diet and be more fit, he gives advice: "You have to have a vision, trust the process and not think too much, since it is bad." That is, he recommends that we get a day to start, that we visualize ourselves thin, that we set a goal and that we not give it too many laps.
"Decide who you want to be, find your way to get there, and then realize that there are and will be challenges along the way. And when adversity comes, just accept it," he adds.
That is to say, this testimony reflects what we have been telling you: that with a healthy diet, cutting calories and with a little exercise, miracles can be done. The story is that you have to work a little.
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