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How to Activate Roku Streaming Device | Roku com link activation

If you wish to activate your Roku streaming play or your Roku TV then make sure you have connected it to your Roku account. Your account will help in storing information on your streaming device you have alongside you get the complete details about the channels you have installed. Not just the channel’s information is stored. You can check your preferences and settings for your account there.

Activate Roku Streaming Device :
You need to make sure that you have a valid email address linked to your Roku account so that you can manage your account and you can receive the notifications on time. Also, it is required that you have created a strong password for your account. And Activate roku streaming device phone number.

• Creating an account is completely free and no amount is charged for the creation
• Another point, Roku doesn’t take any amount for the device via Roku com link activation. It is also free.

Steps To Activate Your Roku Device :

1. You just have to follow the Quick Start Guide that you received with your Roku device
2. In case, you need some help regarding the additional settings in your Roku device, then go tourlroku com linkto visitthe setup and troubleshooting section on the Roku support site.
3. Along these lines, you just have to follow the on-screen prompts when you wish to connect your device to the internet
4. When you are done with the connection part, your Roku device may begin with the downloading of a new software
5. After that, your device may show you a kind of link code, for example, “XD12G”
6. It is required to note down this link code and next you have to visit the website on your PC or Mobile phone
7. Note: At the time of entering on your web browser, you need to enter the correct URL in order to prevent the opening of a wrong website. If not workingthen contact its support team.
8. Once you reach this website, it will ask you to enter roku com link enter code and then you have to press on submit
9. In case, it doesn’t take your code and show you an error or you stuck on this website due to some other reason. Now you’ll need to visit how to resolve issues activating your Roku streaming device
10. Important: It is necessary to complete ALL of the steps on this website before you get back to your Roku device and if you don’t do so, you won’t be able to activate your device
11. You just have to follow the same directions that you see on the website to create a Roku account or sign in to your existing account
12. At the time of signing up for its account, it will ask you to enter a payment method. Once you add this method, it will help you in buying subscriptions to popular channels, rent or buy movies as well as TV shows, also you are able to make other purchases from this Roku channel store. If you add your payment details to your account, you don’t have to worry about it as it is not going to make any change in your account. Your account will show deduction when you go through various steps during a purchase process. Like when you sign up for a subscription, renting, or you buy any movie or any sort of TV show or you are adding a channel from your Roku channel store.

13. All the known and major credit cards, as well as PayPal,are methods can be used for the payment
14. In case, you want to secure your account details, then you can go to how to create a PIN for your Roku account
15. When you are done with this activation process you are able to use your Roku device

You can also look for support during this process when you are stuck somewhere.

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