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How to Activate Hulu Plus on Roku Device |

Hulu is known as one of the best entertainment providers of Roku. Whether you are a movie lover or a series lover, Hulu facilitates you to enjoy whatever you want. Due to its top-quality content, this is counted among the best streaming channel service provider for your Roku device. Apart from movies or serious, this channel also proffers you to access a broad variety of music. In a nutshell, it is a one-stop package for all kinds of entertainment lovers. If not activate Hulu plus on my Roku device call us Roku support phone number. +1- 888–446–3690

Since Hulu plus is a paid service provider, you will have to purchase its subscription for enjoying unlimited streaming of, popular movies, TV shows, and some kids’ programs as well.

Hulu Plus streaming service is a paid service and hence to activate Hulu Plus on your Roku device, you will have to take the subscription. Moreover, you can activate Hulu plus on your device by some below-listed ways;

You can active Hulu Plus from your Roku device.
You can activate Hulu plus through the internet.
You can subscribe to Hulu Plus using the Roku mobile app.
Activation of Hulu Plus by your Roku device:

If you choose to activate Hulu plus from Roku device then you will have to follow the below steps;
First, press the home button at your Roku remote.
Open the channel list and choose the streaming channel option.
Afterward, go to search bar and type Hulu Plus.
Being a paid channel, you will have to take the subscription of Hulu plus by visiting the Roku website.

Activation of Hulu Plus on the web
If you are familiar with the web then it is also a good alternative that will help to activate Hulu Plus on Roku. To activate Hulu Plus, you need to enter the activation code or log in details of your Hulu. After then;

Go to the Account section or page and enter the necessary credentials to log in to your account.

Type Hulu plus on the search channel box and subscribe to the channel by entering the respective PIN code. For getting the Pin code, you will have to access Roku official website.
Activation of Hulu Plus by using Roku Mobile App

You can also activate Hulu Plus using your mobile. For that, you will have to follow the below tips;

Download and then install the Roku mobile app on your device.
Find the channel icon within the navigation bar.
Choose and select the option Channel store from the channel tab.
After that select add channel option and carefully follow instructions displaying onscreen to subscribe to the channel.

Now, enter the Pin code that you have got during the Roku account activation process.
As per your convenience, you can choose any of the above methods to activate Hulu Plus on your Roku device. All these Hulu Plus activation methods are very easy to follow and facilitate you to easily activate Hulu plus streaming channel service on your Roku device for enjoying a storm of entertainment. This is how you can open up a world of entertainment at your home by opting for Hulu plus contact toll free number +1- 888–446–3690.

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