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A hot hair color for fall

Submitted by blueandred on Thu, 10/14/2021 - 23:58

After autumn, many women choose to perm and dye their hair to beautify their personal image. Can be faced with a variety of hair color, a little do not know how to choose. The biggest problem is the fear of spending money and time on something that doesn't look good, and that's what people struggle with the most.
Indeed, the same hair style, some people do to reduce age and fashion, some people do to show black old age also show big face. The problem is that "fashion is not equal to fit" in this classic joke, how to know your appearance level temperament, hair quality hair volume suitable hair style and hair color?
With that in mind, we've shared four of the most popular hair styles and colors this fall, and dissected each hairstyle, face shape, hair texture, and skin tone to determine if it's right for you.
Romantic French rolls
French curls are a kind of curly hair with full perm, but different from the traditional small curls and wool curls, the curls are more natural, and the curves are softer. With fashionable hair color, you can improve your temperament and appearance.
French curls are suitable for long hair, which needs to be ironed from the root to the end. The overall style has no obvious layers, so the texture of the ironing presents a natural ripple effect. The ripple is relatively neat, different from the fluffy and messy feel of traditional curls.
But fleecy outline outside, add the design of bang, the effect that decorates to face is very give force, also belong to one of the long hair style with the slimmest face.
French curls are not suitable for people with light and soft hair, nor for women with large heads and faces. Because the shape of the French roll belongs to the large type, the fine and soft hair can not support such a large volume, the effect of ironing is not said, and the holding time is short. Because French roll is more supple, less hair ironed, will appear less hair.
People with big heads and big faces are not suitable for this kind of hair style that burns to the roots. Because hairstyle begins to roll from hair root, hair capacity is met greater, can appear head bigger face bigger.
Hair color does not have too much attention, vary from person to person, like good. But there is a point, hot this kind of hair style, do not recommend the use of bleaching method, because after bleaching hair curl will appear dry hair impetuous, it is recommended to choose life color more reliable. Life color does not need to bleach hair, can be dyed directly.
Women with black and yellow skin, do not choose too bright too light hair color, it is recommended to slant deep brown, can enhance the brightness of skin color, but also increase the fashion sense of hair style. Fair-skinned women can dye any color they like.
Fashionable wool rolls
Wool curls have been popular for years, but the fact that they have been featured in every hairstyle every year speaks volumes about their high status in the fashion world. Every arrive autumn winter, this hair style can heat up rise, provoke young lady sister people cannot help thinking very hot.
Wool rolls are similar to French rolls, but the shape of the wool roll is of the small type, and it is more loose than French rolls. Even if the amount of hair is less or the hair is soft sister, you can also hot a fluffy elastic curly hair, which is the biggest advantage of the wool roll.
Curly hair is very fashionable, but also very attractive, because this type of hair is also a bouffant type, so it is also not suitable for women with large faces. Still have is the lady that sends much also should consider carefully, the unkemp that iron comes out may let you cannot control, so before perm, must let hair stylist evaluate.
Wool coil hairstyle does not suit to catch too shallow hair color, because hair color is more shallow fade color faster, add wool coil after irding hair qualitative can produce wool impetuous feeling, can appear yellow and dry, let hairstyle lose aesthetic feeling. The suggestion, had better choose the color within 6 degrees, low-key have simple sense, fade slowly, still can cover the hairy feeling that perm forms. The biggest advantage is that this kind of hair color does not pick the skin color does not pick the age, who dyed advanced.
Mild tide is still the hair color of choice for Internet celebrities
Micro tide color is between the hair color of tide color and life color, operation method is simpler also, major micro tide color does not need to drift hair, need to pass elaborate allocation good formula only, can catch the hair color that gives need.
The chroma that micro tide lubricious compares life color is shallower, lightness is taller also, the biggest characteristic blended in the element such as gray cool tonal namely, the hair color that catch comes out is more fully more advanced also. Understated and luxurious, this hair color is one of the whitest, with more texture and consistency than previous trends.
Tide color needs bleach hair, dye hair again, harm to hair quality is bigger, and fade color speed is very fast. Although micro tide color does not have tide salad wind, but the overall tone and brightness, just more in line with most consumers. After all, trendy colors are acceptable to a minority of people, and for office workers and students, it can only be prohibitive, but slightly trendy colors are more acceptable to everyone.
Specific hair color, according to their skin color to design. Because small damp color does not have ready-made catch cream, need hair division according to your color of skin and design need, pass a variety of catch cream deploy come out, and color also does not have specific unified call. If you like it, go to the barbershop and ask the stylist to design it for you.
Low-key and personalized hanging ear dye
Ear dye is to hang the sideburns behind the ears to reveal the inner color, so it is called ear dye. Another name for this type of hair color is invisible, or two-color, hair dye. Because the hair dyeing area is relatively hidden, it is not easy to see outside when the ear is not hanging.
In fact, hanging ear dye is not a new method just out, but this year's popular hanging ear dye and the previous ear dye has a big difference. The color of ear-hanging dye before is mostly tide color or very bright color, while this year's popular ear-hanging dye is the hair color that is always or close to the background color, low-key and individual.
You can use only the inside of your hair, leaving the outside of your hair natural. You can also dye it in two colors, depending on your needs. When you go to work, you can't see your hair when you comb it down. When you go shopping after work, you can see the hidden color by hanging the side of your hair behind your ear or pinning it up with a hair clip.
If you like, suggest to go to the barber shop, let the hair stylist make a measure for you to belong to your hanging ear dye. This kind of hair dyeing is more fashionable and three-dimensional than the whole hair dyeing, because the outer color cannot completely cover the inner color, and the inner light color will be vaguely revealed when walking, making the hair style more fashionable and eye-catching.
The hair style that recommended 4 groups very fire autumn this year and hair color, the little elder sister that likes can collect. But be sure to remember, popularity is not equal to suitable, and then good-looking hairstyle is not suitable is useless, so the best to go to the barber shop, let the hairdresser according to your appearance level temperament design for you, I recommend these hairstyles into the fusion, so that the hairstyle is the most suitable for your fashion hairstyle.Read more at: formal dresses melbourne | formal dresses perth