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Hockey is a rough sport with a lot High quality carbon hockey sticks

Submitted by jaywillen on Thu, 06/23/2016 - 22:47

Hockey is a rough sport with a lot High quality carbon hockey sticks of physical contact, and because of the ice and toughness required to play a lot of pads are needed to suit up and play the sport. Since there are so many pads, it is not so much knowing where they go, but in fact the order of steps you can take to properly put on the equipment to play. I will go through the 7 steps to gear up so you can be ready to play ice hockey and be safe from most physical contact. I will break down the lower half and the upper half and explain how to put it on as well.

First step is to put on your "underwear" which can be a cup, jill, shorts, spandex, under armor, etc. This is important because it will hold up your socks, it supports with an extra pad for girls and a hard shell cup for boys, and provide the clothing underneath your pads. When putting it on it's just like putting on pants for anything else such as jeans or shorts. The jills and cups will most likely have Velcro on the bottom brim on the shorts to hold up the socks. Once you put them on they are done for now you will need to attack them to your socks in the next step.

Step two is to put the shin pads and socks on. The shin pads go underneath the socks they are placed on so it fits around your shin then strapped into place so they do not move. After placing each shin guard on, pull the socks up over them. Once the socks are up you need to strap them into place with your "underwear". You may do this by putting the socks over the Velcro on the brim of your pants this will hold them up. Once you do this you will have completed step two.

Step three is the pants and the skates. The pants are pulled up like normal pants as well such as jeans or shorts. The pants have belts and straps to adjust so the pants do not fall down and stay in place. Once the pants are adjusted properly Mini ice hockey stick to your waist put your skates on as if they were regular shoes. Tie them all the way up and if the lace is long, wrap it around your ankle once and bring it back around to the front so you can tie it. Then depending on how you like to wear it you can pull your sock over the tongue of the skate or leave it tucked in.

Step four is the first part of the upper half; it consists of the chest protector and the elbow pads. This provides extra protection to your chest, upper and lower arm, and has the main protection of the pads on the shoulders as well as the elbows. Place the chest protector on over your head and grab the straps in the back and pull them up and Velcro them to the front of the chest protector. Once you have the chest strapped down, move to strapping the sides of the pads on your upper arms down so they provide protection to your lower shoulder. Once finished the chest protector is now on so you may place your elbow pads on. These can easily be slide on your arms up sitting properly on your elbows. Different pads have straps in different places but they are easily noticeable to where to place the straps. This completes step four, the first part of the upper half.

The next step is to put on your jersey over your chest protector and elbow pads. You pull the jersey on over your head like it's a regular shirt. The jersey is needed because that shows what team you are on and your name and number. You may need some help pulling the jersey over the pads, but sometimes it goes on smoothly it usually depends on the shoulder pads you have that could get caught on the jersey and make it difficult to pull over.