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He redefined the position

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Neuer would win the FIFA 15 Golden Globes 2014 will soon be over, the major media have begun the selection ofFIFA 15various types of list, the French media authority "Equipe" has announced its own list of one hundred big stars, and its list is Neuer beat C Lo and Messi became the number one star."Equipe" presentation at Neuer wrote: "2014 world champion, one of three candidates for theFIFA 15 Golden Globes, with Bayern Munich and Germany won the championship, the German goalkeeper hope following the 1963 Yashin again representative goalkeeper award Buy Fifa 16 Coins.

He often restricted area outside activities, he redefined the position, his performance made him the first of a big star hundred. "In the introduction of C Lo, the "Equipe" wrote: "Portugal striker at Real Madrid completed a fantastic year for the European Golden Boot (with Suarez tied), La Liga last season, he scored 31 goals this season the first half of his 14 games and scored 25 goals. Although Portugal in the FIFA 15World Cup group stage exit, but the C Lo in May this year to help Real Madrid won the Champions League Block 10 in team history.

"Messi came in third place, "Equipe" wrote: "Messi often injured in 2013, he began to recover in 2014, he reached theFIFA 15 World Cup finals with Argentina and Barcelona scored a number of records: 289 La Liga scoring 253 goals to become top scorer in La Liga history, on November 25 he beat APOEL 40 game hattrick, with 74 ball beyond Raul (71 balls) to become the top scorer in Champions League history . " always offer the lastest FIFA news to everyone.  Holiday Manchester city and Chelsea in the Fifa premier league FIFA also requires the commission Fifa 16 Coins.