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Having the proper head protection when fat bike rim drilling

Submitted by jaywillen on Sun, 08/14/2016 - 22:49

Having the proper head protection when fat bike rim drilling you play ice hockey, no matter what position you play, is incredibly important for your safety. This might sound like an incredibly obvious statement, but you would be shocked to see what some hockey players, especially adults, wear in terms of head protection. I think one of the main reasons why some old school hockey players fail to realize the importance of a good hockey helmet is because they remember the glory days of ice hockey when nobody, not even goalies, wore helmets or goalie masks to protect their heads and faces.

The problem with the old school thinking when it comes to wearing head protection in ice hockey is the fact that hockey, as a whole, has gotten so much faster than it used to be. Players of all levels are able to do more than they were back in the day due to advancements in technology. Many hockey enthusiasts of all levels have much better slap shots and wrist shots than they had years ago due to the popularity of composite hockey sticks. Back when hockey players did not wear helmets a lot of hockey players did not even have curved blades on their sticks, now hockey sticks have gotten so much more advanced hence shots have gotten harder and Senior composite ice hockey stick players need to protect themselves from high shots to the head.

Hockey players should never underestimate the importance of wearing quality hockey equipment in order to prevent injury. Even though hockey is arguably the greatest sport in the world, it is still a sport where many serious injuries happen, most often to the head. It does not matter what league that you play in or what level you play at, the potential to get injured is always there and so you should make sure that your head and face are protected well at all times.