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hardware store will be around in 840 million yuan

Submitted by yesilm on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 21:23

Since entering China remains Nike Air Max Thea Femmethe world's largest sporting goods retailer level rapid development of Decathlon (Decathlon), suddenly accelerated in recent shop frequencies. November 22, Decathlon in China, the first 100 stores in Anshan, Liaoning officially opened its doors, which is regarded as China's internal Decathlon another milestone in the strategic development. Recently, Zhang Yue, president of Greater China, told reporters Decathlon in an interview with 21st Century Economic Report, "2015 shop in China will reach 150," the goal is now the company will be made three years ago and then speed - 2015 Decathlon is expected to open about 60 new stores in China, and plans within five years after the total number of stores in China will achieve 500.

The layout of hundreds of stores in the past, it took Decathlon 11 years, and now they intend to use only Brandon Bolden Jersey five years their number will turn five times Decathlon financial situation and market demand, can support such a rapid pace?

Zhang Yue said the domestic sports retail market is divided into market and mass market brands, Nike, Adidas and other big names belong to the former, while the latter is a Decathlon. "As customers become more rational and its increasingly diversified demand, the market will become increasingly smaller brands, had a smaller share of the mass market will account for half of Decathlon in this field has accumulated a sufficient advantage." Decathlon is expected to follow the next five years, the layout of 500 stores in China, which means that each company less than five days in China should open a new store, the frequency can be quite amazing.

According to industry insider to 21st Century Business Herald reporter, Nike Free 5.0 Heren Decathlon investment in China on the basic hardware store as follows - renovation costs of 200 million -500 million range, pre-product inventory preparation is basically at 8,000,000 -1 200 million a. Remove hardware investment depreciation and rental costs, single-store average of about 14 million yuan. If this calculation, in 2015 only, the company invested in the hardware store will be around in 840 million yuan.

At the same time, Decathlon stores in China more than 4,000 square meters are basically standard, part of a large flagship store Nike Air Max Homme even reach 80 square meters. Due to the continuation of the global development of its stores in 100% autonomous business model in China, the initial investment cost borne by all the Decathlon.