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Handy tips to get fitter for the party season

Submitted by blueandred on Sun, 12/20/2015 - 23:39

We all know that Gujaratis need a reason to party. It's December again and time for all those Christmas and New year get-togethers.

For food-loving Gujaratis, parties are always associated with a lot of bingeing — cakes, pizzas, pastas, and desserts galore. And even the most diligent and health conscious people end up giving in to temptations. Here's how to make sure that all the mouth-watering treats don't take a toll on your health: Accept and acknowledge Acknowledging and accepting that your usual routine will be affected during the festive season can help you in making some real adjustments to your schedule and you can probably squeeze in some time for exercise.

Watch the fat intake

Keep close tabs on the overall oil, ghee, butter, cream and cheese intake. If you wish to consume fried foods, just try and cut the fat intake during the rest of the day. Saute the veggies or steam them, avoid the oil seasoning in the dal and the ghee on the roti, spread chutney on the bread instead of butter, use a zero-cal oil spray to fry the eggs or bhindi. Overall try and keep the calories balanced by cutting the excess in the daily cooking.

Step up the cardio

Weight is all about balance. So, if you've cheated by eating a pastry or indulging in a scoop of ice-cream, make a conscious effort to increase the calorie burn by extending your gym workouts or going for an extra kilometre run.

Be good all day long

Limit yourself to one or max two small cheats a day and then savour that flavour for the rest of the day. Be controlled, watch the eating patterns healthfully and dismiss any further fleeting instincts to cheat again. Rememver that there's always a tomorrow.

Sharing is caring

Temptations come in big packages. Don't indulge alone, learn to share it. Share the taste and also the calorie load. Remember studies have proven that we savour only the first one or two bites. After that, it's not taste, its gluttony.

Stock up on protein

It has been proven that a deficiency of protein causes increase in sweet cravings. Thus if you want to be able to have better willpower to say 'no' to calories, ensure that you have your protein tanks fuelled up. Egg whites, dals, pulses, paneer, tofu, chicken, fish are all good sources.

Don't eat to please others

We often over-estimate how hurt the other person will feel if you say 'no' to what they are offering. You don't have to eat to please others; eat only when you really want to and can afford to — without guilt. It's unfair to attach the emotion of guilt to food. Food is fuel but if this fuel is powered with extra calories, only indulge when you have earned it, and eat it to enjoy it with no regrets later.

Nothing is depleting

Please remember that the yummy goodies will be around throughout the year. So don't binge on them as if you have got your hands on that last cupcake! Most importantly, remember that the sole purpose of any celebration, festival or puja is not food. Food is just another detail of the whole plan, the main festivities is to spread joy and happiness, meet your near and dear ones and show them how much you love and respect them (not by stuffing your face with a laddoo mind you) so enjoy this moment of togetherness, cheerfulness and fun — 'coz that's what adds the special meaning to life!Read more at: |