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Hair oils, one for every need

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Vegetable oils are precious allies for hair care and beauty. Follow these tips on the most suitable vegetable oils for you and try to make recipes dedicated to masks, wraps and restructuring blends for hair.
One of the best oils for hair, without a doubt is the well-known almond oil, which can offer you the vitality that your hair and scalp need. Learn about the other oils that you can take advantage of to improve your hair.
There is nothing better than almond oil to improve hair health, this was well known by grandmothers. They knew these secrets for many years, they used it on their own hair and recommended it as one of the most effective tricks for beauty.
Uses of hair oils
Some oils give more texture, others nourish and repair; There are for shine, to combat frizz that drives us crazy so much and some that are used as protectors before passing the flat iron or the hair dryer. The latter are a perfect complement to the hairstyle.
In addition to the oils that are presented ready to use, there are some that are being incorporated into the formulas of conditioners, shampoos, masks or styling creams. The advantage is that they enrich the usual compositions. Some dyes are even incorporating them into the coloring treatment, to nourish the hair after application.
Although they are absorbed very quickly and without leaving a residue, you run the risk that your hair will be heavy or greasy if you do not use the oils correctly.
The key is to choose the one that is just right for you and your needs. You should always look for what type of hair is indicated.
Keep in mind that leave-in products are a great option to use every day after washing your hair. In addition to being very practical, they do not need rinsing and, in general, they come in a spray
How to use hair oils?
In general, they are applied only on lengths and ends. Because if you put it very close to the scalp, it can get greasy. They are compatible with other hair products. You can use a curler first and then the oil.
If you use it with wet hair (it can also be dry), let it be dried with a towel so that the product does not slip and you achieve the desired effect. Oil hair masks can be used once to twice a week. To remove it, the ideal is to rinse with cold water.
Recommended oils for hair
The following list shows the recommended oils, according to the problem we have in our hair.

• Almond oil: it is perfect for treating damaged hair. Gives shine and prevents split ends.
• Coconut oil: this is the ideal oil used as a natural remedy for dry or damaged hair, it nourishes and strengthens.
• Argan oil: super nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating. Ideal for controlling frizz.
• Avocado or avocado oil: with antioxidant power and very fast absorption, it gives light and repairs.
• Olive oil: ideal to gain shine and smoothness or prevent damage.
• Flaxseed oil: this oil is rich in linoleic acid that ensures proper hydration of the hair and acts effectively to address the problem of split ends.
• Flaxseed oil is particularly useful also in case of skin irritation and dandruff
• Sesame oil: it is a common oil that has many uses, even in the kitchen due to the high amounts of minerals, vitamins and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Sesame oil on the hair is extraordinary, because it is a valid tonic and helps to give shine and softness to dull and dry hair.
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