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Hair less women try not to keep these three hair styles, showing old and rustic

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Hair less perm which hairstyle is the most suitable? (1) Less hair is the most suitable for small curly hair, fluffy and full of good durability; The effect of short curly hair is the best, fluffy and can modify the face, but also make the amount of hair more obvious; (3) Women who like to keep long hair can choose to burn wool curly hair, fashion and foreign style can increase the amount of hair; (4) Morgan hot and large volume combination, both hair volume and hot fashion sense; French hot fashion and hair volume, good care and very fashionable.
Hair quantity should solve the problem that sticks scalp namely above all little, want to let hair quantity show much namely next, this is the most basic principle. On the basis of these two principles, and then combined with their own facial features, as well as the temperament of the individual, choose the specific style of hair style, so made to the hair style, not only suitable for themselves, but also more fashionable age reduction.
Give hair quantity little ladies to say first below, there are 3 kinds of hairstyle do not want to stay as far as possible, more show hair quantity is sparse not only, still can appear old age autumn rustic again. Send the friends with little amount again finally, recommend 5 popular now marcel hair style, fashionable reduce age very western style again.
Women with little hair try not to wear these three styles
Said above, the first thing to consider less hair is to increase the amount of hair, so in the choice of hairstyle, to try to avoid some easy to stick to the scalp hair, although this kind of hairstyle is very good-looking, but not suitable for their hair, will also expose shortcomings.
The first: straight hair/ion perm
Straight hair is a very pure and natural hairstyle, but this hairstyle is not enough unkempness, and the reason for the hair weight, will produce falling force, so that the hair on the top of the head is easy to stick to the scalp, the woman with a good appearance level is better, if the face is large and the appearance level is not good enough, this hairstyle will appear rustic and old.
In fact, not only long hair is not suitable, all types of straight hair, are not suitable for women with little hair. Especially ion hot this kind of hair style that increases stick smooth effect, more do not suit the woman with little hair amount.
Second: long broken hair/styling perm
Long, broken hair is a high-level structured hairstyle with very light ends, which makes it flowing, natural and feminine for people with a lot of hair. But for people with low hair volume, it can be even less, so be careful.
Modelling is very hot also does not suit the woman with little hair amount, because modelling is very hot it is a kind of be like roll blame roll big bend effect, can let you originally not much hair amount more show sparsely. And this kind of hairstyle to the individual modelling level request is higher, still have modelling ironing to hold time shorter.
The third kind: no level harbor wind short hair
Short curly hair without hierarchy is a classic Hong Kong style, but for people with less hair, it will appear that the top of the head is more pointed and the amount of hair is less. Be sure to stay away from this kind of curly hair without hierarchy.
The head is big, but the head is small and the top is pointed. Even if it rolls to the root of the hair, it cannot be ironed. Because the amount of hair is too little, the volume between each other lack of support, it is easy to let the top of the head of the hair stuck on the scalp, more sparse hair.
So, hair little hair soft lady, must stay away from the above three types of hair style. Recommend 5 to suit to send little perm hair style for everybody below.
Five styles for stylish curls with minimal hair volume
Perm is also easy to look old if the style and color of the hair is not handled properly. When choosing curly hair style so, can draw lessons from these 5 hair styles, simple and optional good do, vogue reduces age to show hair quantity again.
The first style: small burst hair
Short curls are the most voluble type of hair, especially for those with thin, soft hair, but they can be challenging and can make you look old.
The solution: It's best to pair your hair with a trendy color, like chocolate or Burgundy, to make it look white and stylish, so it won't look old. The lady with big face, do not suggest to choose this kind of design, can be on this basis, cut short cut thin temples and neck after, ability more reduce age more agile also.
Second style: Short curly hair
Short curl hair refers to the hair style that is neat face length, adjust hair amount through hierarchical structure, cooperate to suit hair quality again curly form, iron the curl hairstyle that gives fleeciness feeling from root.
As mentioned earlier, curly hair is easy to look old, mainly because of style and hair color. You can look young and stylish by looking at the style and curls of this hairstyle, combining your skin tone with some trendy hair colors.
Section 3: Wool roll
Curls are one of the most revealing of long hair styles, and are especially suitable for those with less hair. If the hair is fine and soft, you can also consider a similar to the wool roll, but smaller than the wool roll, also very popular.
If short hair isn't your thing, consider a long, fluffy, western perm like a wool curl or a bubble wrap. It's not recommended to go too light, though, and this dark brown hair color works well.
The fourth style: Morgan perm big curly hair
For women who don't like smaller curls, consider combining a Morgan perm with a bigger one. Big coil irons hair root very hard not rise, but the means that can have the aid of Morgan irons, increase height of the top of the head, obtain fleeciness effect, hair end presents the modelling that gives big coil, fashionable reduce age again.
Morgan perm is a perm tool for the hair root in South Korea, suitable for little hair, sharp head, with a variety of large volume of hair, not only solved the problem of sticking to the scalp, and hot fashion of large volume hair, very practical, and hot hair is also very fashionable.
Fifth style: French perm
French perm belongs to the hairstyle of large volume, suitable for medium long hair or long hair, is also more popular hairstyle at present. For women who don't like short hair, but don't like high level cuts, this French perm is the perfect choice, showing the hair volume and stylish.
Method of this kind of perm, arrive from hair root hair tip, use twining curl means, the curl form that iron comes out presents helical ripple, tie-in hair color of a few vogue, foreign atmosphere shows hair quantity again much, also be very practical hairstyle.
The above five hair styles are suitable for small hair perm types, if your hair is small, hair quality is relatively soft, you can choose these hair styles. Or let the hair stylist according to your hair quality situation, combined with the face to help you design, so made to the hairstyle is more suitable for you.Read more at: grey formal dresses australia | green formal dresses