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The Guardian revealed the horrible problems that laborers

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 Instead of rethinking the place, FIFA has decided to focus on Qatar's climate by Cheap FIFA 16 Coins moving the 2022 World Cup to December. Keep in mind that since its inception in 1930, every World Cup continues to be held throughout the summer.Another stain on Qatar 2022 continues to be treating migrant workers from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh as well as North Korea.

 In a September 2013 article, The Guardian revealed the horrible problems that laborers lived and worked in. It equated their treatment to present day slavery and stated that Nepalese workers were dying in a rate of just about one each day.Then there may be the issue of alcohol. Public drinking isn't permitted in Qatar also it has yet to become determined when the organizers allows beer to become sold within the stadiums.

 It's hard to determine advertising money from Budweiser or Heineken flowing in if the situation isn't addressed.Other issues that need to become considered include treating homosexuals and ladies. Qatar is under Sharia law and punishments for example flogging and stoning continue to be around the books.